Mosby's Nursing Drug Cards

Plan care and prepare for clinicals with Mosby's Nursing Drug Cards, 22nd Edition! More than 360 durable cards make it easy to find pharmacologic details and nursing management guidelines for over 750 generic and 600 brand-name drugs. Each 4 x 6 card provides essential nursing information including descriptions, use(s), mechanism(s), pharmacokinetics, side/adverse effects, contraindications/precautions, interactions, dosing, and nursing management priorities. Organized alphabetically, Mosby's Nursing Drug Cards provide quick access to the information you need to prepare care plans and review medication orders.

., 500 Pages

Published: July 2013

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-10088-5


  • Preface



    Management of ingested drug overdose

    Critical Thinking card

    Drug cards

    Category cards


    A. Antagonists and Antidotes, flumazenil

    B. Antagonists and Antidotes, naloxone

    C. Antagonists and Antidotes, digoxin immune fab

    D. Drug dosages calculations

    E. Look-alike/sound-alike drug names

    F. Nutritional supplements

    Blank cards



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