Mosby's Dental Hygiene - Pageburst E-Book on VitalSource (Retail Access Card)

"Concepts, Cases, and Competencies"

This is a Pageburst digital textbook; Focusing on skills for everyday practice, this full-color textbook/CD-ROM learning package makes it easy to master dental hygiene concepts. The text presents essential dental hygiene information in a logical sequence from setup to assessment to treatment. The CD includes “how-to” videos on procedures and techniques, along with many case studies and interactive exercises. You won't just understand key concepts, you'll learn how to apply them!

Book, 1040 Pages

Published: October 2007

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-09308-8


  • Part I. Oral Healthcare

    1. The Dental Hygiene Profession

    2. Health Promotion: A Basis of Practice

    3. Legal and Ethical Considerations

    4. Evidence-Based Decision Making-NEW!

    5. Communication

    6. The Body’s Response to Challenge

    Part II. Environmental Ergonomics

    7. Exposure Control and Prevention of Disease Transmission

    8. Positioning and Prevention of Operator Injury

    9. Instrument Design and Principles of Instrumentation

    10. Instrument Sharpening

    Part III. Patient Assessment

    11. Life Stage Changes

    12. Comprehensive Health History

    13. Drug-Induced Adverse Oral Events

    14. Physical and Extraoral Examination

    15. Intraoral Examination

    16. Periodontal Examination

    17. Hard Tissue Examination

    18. Radiographic and Photographic Imaging Assessment

    19. Nutritional Assessment

    Part IV. Diagnosis and Planning

    20. Oral Risk Assessment and Intervention Planning

    21. Individualizing Preventive and Therapeutic Strategies

    22. Post Treatment Assessment and Supportive Care

    23. Case Development, Documentation, and Presentation

    Part V. Prevention Implementation

    24. Devices for Oral Self Care

    25. Dental Caries and Caries Management

    26. Dentifrices

    27. Chemotherapeutics

    28. Sealants

    29. Tobacco and Chemical Addiction

    30. Care of Appliances and Dental Prostheses

    Part VI. Therapeutic Implementation

    31. Powered Instrumentation and Periodontal Debridement

    32. Cosmetic and Therapeutic Polishing

    33. Dentinal Sensitivity

    34. Periodontal Dressings and Suturing

    35. Operative Procedures

    36. Aesthetics

    37. Orthodontics-NEW!

    38. Malodor-NEW!

    39. Emergency Management of Dental Trauma

    Part VII. Anxiety and Pain Control

    40. Anxiety Control

    41. Local Anesthetics

    42. Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Sedation

    Part VIII. Care Modifications for Special Needs Patients

    43. Salivary Dysfunction

    44. Neurological and Sensory Impairment

    45. Mental and Emotional Disorders

    46. Immune System Dysfunction

    47. HIV/AIDS-NEW!

    48. Cancer and Treatment Effects on the Oral Cavity

    Part IX. Professional Development and Vision

    49. Dental Hygiene and Business Management-NEW!

    50. Professional Development

    51. Insight and Commitment


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