More Than a Thank You Note book cover

More Than a Thank You Note

Academic Library Fundraising for the Dean or Director

This book provides a friendly, lively discussion of the role of academic library fund-raising written by two experienced library fund-raisers.

Senior library administrators and institutional development officers of higher education institutions that are involved in the fundraising efforts to subside library projects

Paperback, 220 Pages

Published: March 2009

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-443-8


  • an accomplished overview of fundraising...offers much food for thought, Biblioteche oggi
    Even staff who are not involved in fundraising can learn something useful from this book, The Australian Library Journal


  • You as the fundraiser; Your fundraiser; Your library staff; Your special collections (and other unique features); Your Friends of the Library; Your advisory council; Your library patrons; Your central development team and other development officers; Your campus community; Your administration; Your community; Your donors are unique; You and crisis management; What your fundraiser wants you to know; Conclusion: Putting it all together.


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