Money and the Global Economy book cover

Money and the Global Economy

In the global economy, goods, services, investments, loans, information and people move across national borders with growing freedom and rapidly increasing volumes. Each time such an individual event occurs, parts of two or more nation's moneys change ownership. This book describes the significance of these monetary exchanges, their mechanics, and how money itself affects these cross-border events.


Hardbound, 320 Pages

Published: October 1998

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-85573-411-1


  • marvellous book … I learned everything I never wanted to admit I didn't understand while a banker., Nita Hughes, former Vice President, Bank of America
    an excellent reference ... I found it riveting., P Guy de K Giradeau OBE FCA, retired partner, Price Waterhouse
    To one who has spent his life's work in the field, it is fascinating reading., C Vaughn Wilson, retired Vice President, Citibank


  • What money is; Where the world's money is; Who moves the world's money - financial centers and their banks; Who moves the world's money - the markets for money; Why money moves; How money moves; Consequences of international money movement; Interferences in international money movement; Irregular international money movement.


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