Molecular Microbial Diagnostic Methods book cover

Molecular Microbial Diagnostic Methods

Pathways to Implementation in the Food and Water Industry

Developed by recognized and experienced high-level scientists this is a complete, practical reference of molecular microbial diagnostic methods for the food and water industry. The book uncovers industry needs for the use of molecular methods by providing a brief history of water and food analysis and the pathogens of concern and describes the impact of current and cutting edge molecular methods. The book discusses the advantages and implementation of using molecular methods, describes information on when and how to use specific methods, and presents why you should utilize them for pathogen detection in your laboratory. This reference material is pertinent for anyone doing microbiological analysis at the research level and beyond, and covers a wide spectrum of classical and cutting edge methods.


Researchers and research analysts in microbiological laboratories

Hardbound, 300 Pages

Published: October 2015

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-416999-9


  • Chapter1 Introduction and Background (Cook, D’Agostino and Thompson)

    Chapter 2 Food industry current status

    Chapter 3 Water industry current status

    Section 2: - Requirements for Implementation

    Chapter 4 Harmonisation and validation, Industry requirements

    Chapter 5 Direct detection for quantitative analysis ;Processes Quantitative detection; Appropriate controls

    Chapter 6 Food Requirements

    Chapter 7 Water Requirements

    Chapter 8 Pathways Challenges to implementation of molecular analytical methods

    Chapter 9 The viability paradox

    Chapter 10 Accreditation issues for food and waters

    Chapter 11 Evaluation and Validation

    Chapter 12 Future of molecular microbial diagnostic methods for food and water analysis


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