Molecular Endocrinology book cover

Molecular Endocrinology

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Students in endocrinology at the first-year graduate level (some seniors) and researchers wanting concise, accessible coverage.


Published: September 1994

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-111231-8


  • "This book fills an important gap with respect to the kind of information available in most endocrinology texts. It provides crucial information on molecular aspects of endocrinology not available in most endocrinology textbooks (for example the chapter on 'Receptor Regulation' is a sorely needed but usually ignored component of endocrine texts)."
    --CLIFF H. SUMMERS, University of South Dakota


  • Introduction and General Endocrinology:Introduction.Classical Endocrinology.Non-Classical Endocrinology.Receptors:Kinetics.Nuclear Receptors.Membrane Receptors.Receptor Regulation.Transduction:G Proteins and Cyclic Nucleotides.Calcium, Calmodulin, and Phospholipids.Miscellaneous Second Messengers.Phosphorylation and Other Nontranscriptional Effects of Hormones.Gene Regulation by Hormones:Hormonally Regulated Transcription Factors.Modifications and Conformations of DNA and Nuclear Proteins.Posttranscriptional Control.Special Topics:Molecular Evolution of the Endocrine System.Pathogen-Endocrine System Interactions.Molecular Bases of Endocrinopathies.Subject Index.


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