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Molecular Cellular Microbiology

This volume in the Methods in Microbiology series focuses on the interaction of microorganisms and the host cell, presenting detailed experimental techniques for modern microbiological research. The book focuses on current technical methods, including imaging technologies, cellular biochemistry, and the establishment and exploitation of cell assay systems. Also covered are methods for studying gene expression and detecting virulence genes. By studying the major techniques used to study cross talk between microbes and cells, rather than just presenting systems, this book distinguishes itself as an essential guide for all researchers working in microbiology, cell biology, and immunology.

Microbiologists, infectious disease researchers and clinicians, and cell biologists.

Included in series
Methods in Microbiology


Published: January 2002

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-521531-2


  • Systematically moving through the specific components of the cell, this cutting-edge book covers methods on a wide range of topics including:Identification of gene virulence expressionPlasma Membranes - adherence, invasion and membranolytic toxinsCytoskeleton - Bacteria directed actin polymerization, biochemistry of small GTPase modificationTransport and intra/intercellular movement - translocation of proteins, toxins, bacteriaCell/cell signalling - signalling cascades, microbial interference with epithelial physiology, modelling barriersCell deathAlternative models in microbial pathogens


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