Molecular Biology of B Cells book cover

Molecular Biology of B Cells

Molecular Biology of B Cells is a comprehensive reference to how B cells are generated, selected, activated and engaged in antibody production. All these developmental and stimulatory processes are described in molecular and genetic terms to give a clear understanding of complex phenotyes. The molecular basis of many diseases due to B cell abnormality is also discussed. This definitive reference is directed at research level immunologists, molecular biologists and geneticists.

Hardbound, 600 Pages

Published: February 2003

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-053641-2


  • ORGANIZATION, REARRANGEMENT AND TRANSCRIPTION OF IMMUNOGLOBULIN GENESHuman Immunoglobulin heavy chains locusImmunoglobulin heavy chain genes of mouseImmunoglobulin ? genes of human and mouseImmunoglobulin lambdav (IGL) genes of human and mouseThe Mechanism of V(D) J RecombinationTranscription of Immunoglobulin genesB CELLS AND THEIR DEVELOPMENTEarly B cell development to a mature , antigen-sensitive cell - cellular stages and molecular decisionsAllelic exclusion, Isotypic exclusion and the Developmental Regulation of V(D)J RecombinationThe Development of Human B LymphocytesDevelopment and function of B cell subsetsB CELL DIFFERENTIATION INDUCED BY Ag STIMULATIONStructure and function of B cells antigen receptor complexesRegulation of antigen receptor signaling by the co-receptors, CD19 and CD22The dynamic structure of antibody responsesDynamics of B cell migration to and within secondary lymphoid organsCharacteristics of mucosal B cells with emphasis on the human secretory immune systemThe Cellular Basis of B Cell MemoryImmunoglobulin assembly and secretionFc And Complement ReceptorsIg GENE ALTERATION IN PERIPHERYRegulation of Class Switch RecombinationMolecular Mechanism of Class Switch RecombinationMolecular Mechanism of HypermutationSelection During Antigen-Driven B Cell Immune Responses: The Basis for High Affinity AntibodyDISEASES OF B CELLSChromosomal Translocations in B-cell Leukemias and LymphomasClassification and Characteristics of Mouse B Cell-Lineage LymphomasB cells producing pathogenic autoantibodiesImmunodeficiencies Caused by B Cell DefectsEVOLUTION OF Ig GENESDiverse forms of Immunoglobulin Genes in Lower VertebratesImmunoglobulin Genes and Generation of Antibody Repertoires in Higher Vertebrates: A Key Role for GALTThe zebrafish immune systemThe Origin of V(D)J DiversificationFUNCTION AND APPLICATION OF IMMUNOGLOBULINSAntibody Structure and Recognition of AntigenMonoclonal antibodies from display librariesHumanization of Monoclonal AntibodiesHuman monoclonal antibodies from translocus mice


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