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Recombinant DNA

Labfax volumes are purpose-designed data reference books for practicing scientists. Each book presents key information for a major subject in one place and therefore saves hours of searching. The authors and editors of each Labfax volume have searched the original literature for the accurate data which they know the specialist needs.

AUDIENCE: Research scientists at postgraduate, postdoctoral level and above, working in molecular biology, recombinant DNA, gene cloning and other life sciences.

Included in series

Hardbound, 377 Pages

Published: July 1998

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-136055-9


  • "The book is compiled with care and contains text that explains technical terms that then can be used with understanding. This makes it especially useful for young investigators who are new to the field. ...this book qualifies to be the present-day standard reference."
    —Amit Gupta, University of Illinois, Chicago, in ASM NEWS (April 1999)


  • Abbreviations.Bacteria and Bacteriophages--E. coli strains used in recombinant DNA experiments.Restriction and Methylation--Complete listings of restriction endonucleases.DNA and RNA Modifying Enzymes.Genomes.Cloning Vectors.References.Index.


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