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Molecular Biology and Pharmacology of Tissue Repair

Proceedings of the Esteve Foundation Symposium 12, held between 4 and 7 October 2006, S'Agaro (Girona), Spain

Diseases associated with impaired tissue repair are common clinical problems. Therefore, the elucidation of the molecular basis of normal and impaired repair will help to define new therapeutic targets to alleviate and eventually cure these illnesses. Furthermore, recent studies have revealed remarkable similarities between tissue repair and cancer at the cellular and molecular level. Thus, the characterization of the mechanisms underlying normal repair processes will also enhance our knowledge on the pathogenesis of cancer and provide the basis for the development of novel cancer therapeutics. In recent years, our understanding on the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in tissue repair has strongly increased, and some of the regulatory genes and signalling cascades have been identified. Furthermore, new strategies have been developed for the improvement of organ regeneration involving the use of growth factors or matrix proteins, stem cells and new biomaterials. MOLECULAR BIOLOGY AND PHARMACOLOGY OF TISSUE REPAIR summarizes the work of major experts in the tissue repair field. Similarities and differences in repair of different tissues and organs are reviewed, and the parallels between tissue repair and embryonic development, as well as between tissue repair and cancer are reported. Therefore, this volume will be of interest for basic scientists who work on embryonic development, tissue repair and cancer as well as for clinicians of different disciplines.

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Hardbound, 180 Pages

Published: July 2007

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-52216-0


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