Molecular & Cellular Mechanisms of Neurotransmitter Release book cover

Molecular & Cellular Mechanisms of Neurotransmitter Release

This volume reviews recent findings on the regulation of exocytotic release of neurotransmitters from nerve terminals. Leading international investigators examine the properties and composition of the vesicles that store neurotransmitters and the molecular and cellular mechanisms that cause a vesicle to release transmitters in response to a nerve impulse.Coverage includes detailed analyses of quantal release of transmitters in the central and peripheral nervous systems. These studies shed new light on the questions of whether different transmitters are released together in fixed amounts and proportions, and whether and why effectors respond to such "transmitter quanta" in a quantal fashion. The book also highlights the relevance of research on neurotransmitter release to the study of various forms of synaptic plasticity, including higher functions such as learning and memory.

Hardbound, 592 Pages

Published: July 1998

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-036129-8


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