Model Security Policies, Plans and Procedures


  • John Fay, Experienced author, and military and security management professional, former Director of National Crime Prevention Institute, Atlanta, GA, USA

Model Security Policies, Plans, and Procedures contains sample security policy, planning, and procedural documents drawn from the proven experiences of hundreds of America's most successful corporations. If your job requires you to develop or update security policies, plans, or procedures, this book will be a highly valuable resource. The samples cover the key concepts of organizational protection. Putting the samples to use, either as presented or as drafting guides, can eliminate many hours of tedious research and writing.
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Security managers and supervisors


Book information

  • Published: June 1999
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-7183-5

Table of Contents

Affirmative Action; Business Ethics; Deadly Force; Drug and Alcohol Abuse; Equal Employment Opportunity; Equal Employment Opportunity for the Disabled; Vietnam-Era Veterans and Special Disabled Veterans; Firearms; General Business; Harassment; Health, Safety and the Environment; Information Security; ; Internet; Investigations; Political Contributions; Protection of Assets; Security; Sexual Harassment; Smoking; Special Project Security; Travel and Entertainment; U.S. Sentencing Guidelines; Workplace Violence; Plans; Access Control; Bomb Threat; Building Emergency; Business Continuity; Civil Disturbances; Country Evacuation; Extortion; Fire Emergency; Kidnap; Physical Security; Security Awareness; Severe Weather; Procedures; AIDS Contact; Anti-Eavesdropping; Anti-Stalking; Attack Avoidance; Auto Theft Prevention; Background Checking; Bank Security Officer; Bomb Protection; Bomb Threat; Canine Security; Civil Process Acceptance; Classification of Sensitive Information; Cleaning Crew Access Control; Clear Desk; Computer Virus; Conference Security; Driving Safeguards; Duress Alarm; Electronic Information Security; Electronic Mail Protection; Emergency Calls; Employee Access Control; Executive Protection; Fire Responses by Security Officers; Flag Etiquette; Handling Classified Information; Hazards Identification; Home Burglar Prevention; Hotel Guest Security; Hotel Security Officer; Information Protection; Information Protection at the Office; Internet Protection; Intranet Protection; Lost and Found; Medical Emergencies; Office Building Evacuation; Office Inspections; Office Security; Office Security Management; Password Protection; Property Removal; Rape Avoidance; Repairmen Access Control; Retail Security; Security Program Auditing; Sexual Harassment Reporting; Store Security Officer; Substance Abuse Program Audit; Telephone Answering; Two-Way Radio