Mineral Facts of China book cover

Mineral Facts of China

Distributed by Elsevier Science on behalf of Science Press. Available internationally for the first time, this comprehensive text is a large scientific and authoritative databank in China's mineral facts. It provides detailed information about China's mineral resources, and the history and the present situation of China's mineral research, industrial sectors and the government's mineral policies and regulations. It is a essential reference for mineral scientists, geographers, economists, practitioners who work in the fields related to China's mineral industry.

Mineral scientists, geologists, geographers, economists, and practitioners in the mineral industry.

Hardbound, 776 Pages

Published: December 2007

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-7-03-010203-4


  • Overview; Energy Mineral Resources; Metallic Mineral Resources; Nonmetallic Mineral Resources


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