Mineral Exploration

Principles and Applications


  • S. K. Haldar, Emeritus Scientist, Department of Applied Geology and Environmental System Management, Presidency College, Kolkata, India, and Exploration Consultant, Hindustan Zinc Limited, Hindustan Copper Limited, and ESSO Standard Eastern Inc.

Globally, mineral exploration has grown significantly in recent years, driven by the rapid acceleration in prices for gold and diamonds since 2004 and the emergence of a middle class in both China and India-aggressively increased demand. Despite this resurgence, no single book has been published that takes an interdisciplinary approach in addressing the full scope of mineral exploration-from mining and extraction to economic evaluation, policies, sustainability, and environmental impacts. Mineral Exploration: Principles and Applications accomplishes this by presenting each topic with theoretical approaches first followed by specific applications that can be immediately implemented in the field.
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primary- geologists, petrologists, mineralogists, marine geologists with a focus on resource exploration
secondary- students and instructors at the graduate level in the geosciences


Book information

  • Published: January 2013
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-416005-7


"The book is technically skillful and a laudable effort to create a comprehensive practical survey text written by someone who knows the territory in more than an academic way. There are also many useful diagrams."--Reference and Research Book News, August 2013

Table of Contents

1. Mineral Exploration
2. Economic Mineral deposits and host rocks
3. Exploration Geology
4. Exploration Geochemistry
5. Exploration Geophysics
6. Photo-geology, Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System in Mineral Exploration
7. Sampling Methods
8. Mineral Resource and Ore Reserve Estimation
9. Statistical and Geo-statistical applications in geology
10. Exploration Modeling
11. Elements of Mining
12. Mineral Processing
13. Mineral Economics
14. Environmental System Management of Mineral Resources and Sustainable development
15. Mineral deposits - Case studies
15.1. Zawar group pf zinc-lead deposit, Rajasthan
15.2. Rajpura Dariba-Bethumni zinc-lead-silver belt, Rajasthan
15.3. Rampura Agucha zinc-lead-silver deposit, Rajasthan
15.4. Malanjkhond copper deposit, Madhya Pradesh
15.5. Exploration, mining, beneficiation and environment management
15.6. Neves Corvo zinc-lead-copper deposit, Portugal
15.7. Broken Hill zinc-lead deposit, Australia
15.8. Sudbury nickel-copper-PGE deposits, Canada
15.9. Bushveld chromium-platinum deposits, South Africa
15.10. Mineral Discovery trend: The First Fifty Years