Mims Circuit Scrapbook V.II book cover

Mims Circuit Scrapbook V.II

Here it is--a collection of Forrest Mims's classic work from the Modern Electronics magazine! Using commonly available components and remarkable ingenuity, Forrest shows you how to build and experiment with circuits like these:analog comparators audio synthesizers data loggers fiber optic sensors laser diode devices MOSFET oscillators piezoelectronics power electronics programmable function generators pulse generators radio control systems and much, much, more!

Paperback, 260 Pages

Published: September 2000

Imprint: Newnes

ISBN: 978-1-878707-49-9


  • "Here's a real hands-on book for the tinkerer, filled with all sorts of interesting and useful circuits." --Popular Communications "If you do any kind of real-world interface or embedded systems work, don't miss this one." --PC Techniques


  • Chapter 1: Transistor and MOSFET CircuitsChapter 2: Analog CircuitsChapter 3: Digital CircuitsChapter 4: LEDs, Laser Diodes, and OptoelectronicsChapter 5: Lightwave Communications, Control, and TelemetryChapter 6: Radio Control and Remotely Triggered CamerasChapter 7: Sensors and Sensing SystemsChapter 8: Piezoelectronics, Thermoelectronics, and Experimental CircuitsChapter 9: Circuit Assembly Tips


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