MIMO Wireless Networks book cover

MIMO Wireless Networks

Channels, Techniques and Standards for Multi-Antenna, Multi-User and Multi-Cell Systems

This book is unique in presenting channels, techniques and standards for the next generation of MIMO wireless networks. Through a unified framework, it emphasizes how propagation mechanisms impact the system performance under realistic power constraints. Combining a solid mathematical analysis with a physical and intuitive approach to space-time signal processing, the book progressively derives innovative designs for space-time coding and precoding as well as multi-user and multi-cell techniques, taking into consideration that MIMO channels are often far from ideal.

Reflecting developments since the first edition was published, this book has been thoroughly revised, and now includes new sections and five new chapters, respectively dealing with receiver design, multi-user MIMO, multi-cell MIMO, MIMO implementation in standards, and MIMO system-level evaluation.

Wireless communications R&D engineers and graduate students

Hardbound, 776 Pages

Published: January 2013

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-385055-3


  • Chapter 1 Introduction to multi-antenna communications
    Chapter 2 From Multi-Dimensional Propagation to Multi-Link MIMO Channels
    Chapter 3 Analytical MIMO Channel Representations For System Design
    Chapter 4 Physical MIMO Channel Models For Performance Simulation
    Chapter 5 Capacity of single-link MIMO channels
    Chapter 6 Space-time coding over i.i.d. Rayleigh flat fading channels
    Chapter 7 MIMO Receiver Design: Detection and Channel Estimation
    Chapter 8 Error probability in real-world MIMO channels
    Chapter 9 Space-time coding over real-world MIMO channels with no transmit channel knowledge
    Chapter 10 Space-time coding with partial transmit channel knowledge
    Chapter 11 Space-time coding for frequency selective channels
    Chapter 12 Multi-user MIMO
    Chapter 13 Multi-Cell MIMO
    Chapter 14 MIMO in LTE, LTE-Advanced and WiMAX
    Chapter 15 MIMO-OFDMA System Level Evaluation
    Appendix A Useful Mathematical and Matrix Properties
    Appendix B Complex Gaussian Random variables and matrices
    Appendix C Antenna Coupling Model
    Appendix D Derivation of the Average Pairwise Error Probability


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