Milk Proteins book cover

Milk Proteins

From Expression to Food

Understanding of the interactions of milk proteins in complex food systems continues to progress, resulting in specialized milk-protein based applications in functional foods, and in protein ingredients for specific health applications. This book is the first and only presentation of the entire dairy food chain - from the source to the nutritional aspects affecting the consumer.

With focus on the molecular structures and interactions of milk proteins in various processing methods, Milk Proteins presents a comprehensive overview of the biology and chemistry of milk, as well as featuring the latest science and developments. Significant insight into the use of milk proteins from an industry viewpoint provides valuable application-based information. Those working with food and nutritional research and product development will find this book useful.

Hardbound, 580 Pages

Published: July 2014

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-405171-3


  • 1. World Supply of Food and the role of Dairy Protein

    2. Milk: An Overview

    3. The Comparative Genomics of Monotremes, Marsupials and Pinnipeds: Models to Examine Function of Milk Proteins

    4. Significance, origin and function of bovine milk proteins: The biological implications of manipulation or modification

    5. Post-translational modifications of caseins

    6. Casein micelle structure and stability

    7. Structure and stability of whey proteins

    8. Effects of High Pressure Processing on Structure and Interactions of Milk Proteins

    9. The whey proteins in milk: Thermal denaturation, physical interactions and effects on the functional properties of milk

    10. Effects of drying on milk proteins

    11. Changes in milk proteins during storage of dry powders

    12. Interactions and functionality of milk proteins in food emulsions

    13. Milk protein-polysaccharide interactions

    14. Interactions between milk proteins and micronutrients

    15. Model food systems and protein functionality

    16. Sensory properties of dairy proteins

    17. Milk protein gels

    18. Milk proteins: A cornucopia for developing functional foods

    19. Milk proteins and human health

    20. Milk Proteins: digestion and absorption in the gastrointestinal tract

    21. Milk proteins: Consumer demand and future trends


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