Midwifery: Best Practice Volume 5 book cover

Midwifery: Best Practice Volume 5

This is Volume 5 in the Midwifery: Best Practice series. Each of the volumes in this Series is built around the familiar core of four main topic areas relevant to midwifery: pregnancy, labour / birth, postnatal and stories / reflection - and also includes a number of ‘focus on…’ sections. These are different in each volume and reflect a wide range of key and topical issues within midwifery. Each volume builds upon the others to provide a comprehensive library of articles that shows the development of thought in key midwifery areas. Volume 5 offers a range of wholly new topic areas within the ‘focus on…’ sections covering: ‘the birthing environment’, ‘women, midwives and risk’, ‘holistic health’ and ‘working/international stories’.

Midwives – student and practising; antenatal educators.

Paperback, 344 Pages

Published: November 2008

Imprint: Books For Midwives

ISBN: 978-0-7506-7540-6


  • SECTION 1 Women and midwives

    1.1 Women, midwives, partnership and power
    1.2 Conflicting ideologies as a source of emotion work in midwifery
    1.3 Advice on advice
    1.4 Developing a maternity unit visiting policy
    1.5 Handle with care!
    1.6 Protecting the public - from me
    1.7 The landscape of caring for women: a narrative study of midwifery practice
    1.8 Midwives: praise and beyond
    Topics for further reflection

    SECTION 2 Focus on…The Birthing Environment

    2.1 How women choose where to give birth
    2.2 Home birth: a social process, not a medical crisis
    2.3 Home birth: safe as houses?
    2.4 The influence of maternity units' intrapartum intervention rates and midwives' risk perception for women suitable for midwifery-led care
    2.5 Birth centres: a success story
    2.6 Defining and developing the birth centre
    2.7 Improving the birthing environment (parts 1 and 2)
    Topics for further reflection

    SECTION 3 Pregnancy

    3.1 Tell me a story
    3.2 Getting parent education right
    3.3 Fears and feelings in second-time pregnancy
    3.4 Women's needs from antenatal care in three European countries
    3.5 Women's experiences of unexpected ultrasound findings
    3.6 TTP and me
    3.7 A guide to less common antenatal blood tests
    3.8 The assisted conception pregnancy
    3.9 Asking the question: antenatal domestic violence
    3.10 Preventing infant allergies
    Topics for further reflection

    SECTION 4 Focus On … Women, Midwives and Risk

    4.1 Blood transfusion: the hidden dangers
    4.2 Coagulation disorders (1) Deep vein thrombosis: breaking the silence
    4.3 Coagulation disorders (2) Pulmonary embolism
    4.4 An early warning system for pre-eclampsia
    Topics for further reflection

    SECTION 5 Labour and Birth

    5.1 Births that taught me important lessons
    5.2 Unlocking the potential for normality
    5.3 Lambs to the slaughter
    5.4 Water: what are we afraid of?
    5.5 Routine cord blood gas analysis: an overreaction?
    5.6 Need to know: vaginal birth after caesarean (part 1)
    5.7 Need to know: vaginal birth after caesarean (part 2)
    5.8 Does pethidine relieve pain?
    5.9 More than a cuddle: skin-to-skin contact is key
    5.10 To cut or not to cut?
    5.11 Smile for your sphincter
    Topics for further reflection

    SECTION 6 Focus On … Holistic Health

    6.1 Ice massage for the reduction of labor pain
    6.2 Float like a butterfly… yoga and birth
    6.3 Giving birth on the beach: hypnosis and psychology
    6.4 A time to bloom
    6.5 Ginger: an essential oil for shortening labour?
    6.6 Rebirthing birth
    Topics for further reflection

    SECTION 7 Life After Birth

    7.1 The ‘golden orb’ of the postnatal period: a midwife’s role in the process of integrating a renewed self story in a mother following birth
    7.2 Let's ban water torture
    7.3 Cochrane made simple: topical umbilical cord care at birth
    7.4 Don't mention the ‘B’ word!
    7.5 Maternal breastfeeding positions: have we got it right? (1)
    7.6 Maternal breastfeeding positions: have we got it right (2)
    7.7 A randomised controlled trial in the north of England examining the effects of skin-to-skin care on breast feeding
    7.8 Expression of love
    7.9 Breastfeeding peer support in Doncaster
    Topics for further reflection

    SECTION 8 Focus on… Working / International Stories

    8.1 Empowering women in Nagorno-Karabakh
    8.2 Birth and death in Sierra Leone
    8.3 Caring for mama and pikinini in Papua New Guinea
    8.4 On mission with Médecins Sans Frontières
    8.5 Contraception Education in Brazil
    8.6 Home Thoughts from Abroad
    Topics for further reflection

    SECTION 9 Stories and Reflection

    9.1 A midwife reborn
    9.2 Let's be realistic
    9.3 The birth of Nuno
    9.4 Sitting in judgement: a personal reflection
    9.5 Managing cord prolapse at a home birth
    9.6 Celebrating the ‘art’ of midwifery
    9.7 Four labours and a Mars Bar
    9.8 There is a foot!
    9.9 An education in training
    9.10 Midwifing my daughter, receiving my grandson
    9.11 Spreading some magic


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