Middle Atmosphere Dynamics book cover

Middle Atmosphere Dynamics

This book is intended for graduate students in middle atmosphere dynamics courses and will be useful to all research workers in meteorology, aeronomy, and atmospheric chemistry. Furthermore, many of the basic dynamical and physical processes discussed also have broad applicability in other branches of atmospheric dynamics, and will be of interest to those studying such areas as climate dynamics and planetary atmospheres.

Meteorologists; Atmospheric Chemists; Physicists

Included in series
International Geophysics

Paperback, 489 Pages

Published: September 1987

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-058576-2


  • Introduction. Radiative Processes and Remote Sounding. Basic Dynamics. Linear Wave Theory. Extratropical Planetary-Scale Circulations. Stratospheric Sudden Warmings. The Extratropical Zonal-Mean Circulation. Equatorial Circulations. Tracer Transport in the Middle Atmosphere. The Ozone Layer. General Circulation Modeling. Interaction between the Middle Atmosphere and the Lower Atmosphere. Bibliography. Index


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