Microsoft Windows 7 Administrator's Reference

Upgrading, Deploying, Managing, and Securing Windows 7


  • Jorge Orchilles, Jorge Orchilles began his career as a network and system administrator for a small private high school he attended. Realizing his passion for IT, he opened up a branch of a small business in 2002, The Business Strategy Partners - IT Consultants. Here he began serving residential and small business clients in the South Florida area as an IT consultant. Jorge currently holds a position as a security operating center analyst while pursuing a Master of Science in Management Information Systems in Florida International University and being involved in various IT, security, and business organizations in the South Florida area. He also holds a BBA in MIS from FIU. Jorge is a Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA), Cisco Security Solutions for System Engineers (SSSE), CompTIA Security+ (2008), Microsoft Certified Professional (70-228, 70-282, 70-284), and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (70-620).

Microsoft Windows 7 Administrators Reference covers various aspects of Windows 7 systems, including its general information as well as installation and upgrades. This reference explains how to deploy, use, and manage the operating system. The book is divided into 10 chapters. Chapter 1 introduces the Windows 7 and the rationale of releasing this operating system. The next chapter discusses how an administrator can install and upgrade the old operating system from Windows Vista to Windows 7. The deployment of Windows 7 in an organization or other environment is then explained. It also provides the information needed to deploy Windows 7 easily and quickly for both the administrator and end users. Furthermore, the book provides the features of Windows 7 and the ways to manage it properly. The remaining chapters discuss how to secure Windows 7, as well as how to troubleshoot it. This book will serve as a reference and guide for those who want to utilize Windows 7.
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Network and system administrators and other related IT personnel who need to deploy, upgrade, and maintain Windows 7 for the enterprise


Book information

  • Published: April 2010
  • Imprint: SYNGRESS
  • ISBN: 978-1-59749-561-5


"Arguably of greatest benefit to those IT professionals who need to get up to speed with managing Windows systems (or, given its focus on Windows 7 specifically, who need to update their skills for the new platform)….  The book’s subtitle - ‘Upgrading, Deploying, Managing and Securing Windows 7’ - shows that there’s something specifically for security professionals in here, too."--Network Security

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1 Introduction to Windows 7

    Built on Vista

    Different Editions

         Windows XP Editions

         Windows Vista Editions

         Windows 7 Editions

    32-Bit and 64-Bit Computing

         64-bit Explained

         64-bit Architectures

         Tests for 64-bit Hardware

    Hardware Requirements

         Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

    Choosing the Right Windows 7 Version

    Major Changes in Windows 7


         Desktop Interface


         User Account Control (UAC)

         User Profile Data

    New Features in Windows 7







Chapter 2 Installing and Upgrading to Windows 7

    Planning and Preparation

         Select the Windows 7 Edition

         System Compatibility

         Back Up Current System

         Determine Deployment Scenario

         Select Install Type

         Obtain Windows 7

    Clean Install

         Preparation and Planning for a Clean Install

         Performing a Clean Install

         Post Clean Install

         Clean Install with Upgrade Media

    In-place Upgrade

         Preparation and Planning for an In-place Upgrade

         Performing an In-place Upgrade

         In-place Upgrade Post Install

         Issues with In-place Upgrade

    Migrate to Windows 7

         Preparation and Planning for Migration

         Perform Migration Install

         Migration Post Install

    Virtualization and Dual Boot


         Dual Booting

    Post Install


         Install Hardware and Device Drivers

         Update Windows

         Install Antivirus

         Restore User Files and Settings


Chapter 3 Deploying Windows 7 in an Enterprise Environment

    Deployment Overview

         Deployment Scenarios

         Understanding the Setup Process

         Deployment Tools

    Windows Image Management

         Planning a Windows 7 Deployment

    Deployment Solutions

         Working with MDT 2010


         Configuring WDS



         User State Migration Tool

         Hard-Link Migration


Chapter 4 The New Windows 7 Desktop Environment

    The User Interface

         Log In


         Start Menu

         Jump Lists


    Windows Explorer

         Windows Explorer Window


         Configure Windows Explorer


    Internet Explorer 8

         First Run


         New IE 8 Features

         Internet Explorer Options


         Application UAC

         Installing Applications

         Default Applications


Chapter 5 Managing the Windows 7 Desktop Environment

    Local Management Tools

         Control Panel

         Microsoft Management Console 3.0

         Computer Management Console

         Local Group Policy Editor

         Windows Registry

         Simplified Configuration and Management of Desktops

    Managing Hardware Devices and Drivers

         Install Devices

         Device Manager

         Devices and Printers

    Managing Disks and File Systems



         File System Fragmentation

         Symbolic Links

         Windows ReadyBoost

         Disk Quotas


Chapter 6 Networking and Mobility




         Next Generation TCP/IP Stack

    Network Location and Network Discovery

    Network Explorer

    Network and Sharing Center

         Network Map

         Active Networks

    Set Up a New Connection or Network

         Connect to the Internet

         Set Up a New Network

         Dial-Up Connection

         Connect to a Workplace


         Wireless Basics

         Connect to a Wireless Network

         Wireless Properties

         Manage Wireless Networks

         Soft Access Point

    Connect to a Network

    Network Connections




         Windows Mobility Center

         Location Aware Printing

         VPN Reconnect

         Working Offline

    Power Management

         Power Plans

         Group Policy

         Command Line

    Enhancements with Windows Server 2008 R2



         Domain Join

         Offline Domain Join


Chapter 7 Managing Windows 7 in an Enterprise Environment

    Management Tools

         Group Policy

         Starter GPOs


         Remote Management

         Remote Desktop

         Remote Server Administration Toolkit


    Administrative Templates


Chapter 8 Securing Windows 7

    User and Group Accounts

         User and Group Account Basics

         Manage User and Group Accounts

         User Account Control

         Credential Manager

         Parental Controls

         Biometric Security

         File System Security

         Sharing Files and Folders

    Action Center

         Action Center Configuration

         Keep Systems Up-to-Date

         Antivirus and Anti-malware

         Network Firewall

         Internet Explorer 8

         Network Access Protection



         Encrypting File System



Chapter 9 Virtualization and Windows 7

    Windows XP Mode

         Verifying Your Windows 7 Version

         Confirm Hardware Virtualization

         Loading Windows XP Mode

         Setup of Windows XP Mode

         Install an Application in Windows XP Mode

    Many Forms of Virtualization

         VECD Licensing Is a Challenge

         VDI or Centralized Virtual Desktops

         Distributed Virtual Desktops

         Application Virtualization

         User Session Virtualization

         Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization


Chapter 10 Windows 7 Troubleshooting and Performance Tools

    Action Center - Maintenance

         Action Center - Maintenance Alerts

         Action Center - Maintenance Items

    Action Center - Troubleshooting


         Hardware and Sound

         Network and Internet

         Appearance and Personalization

         System and Security

    Resource Monitor

         Resource Monitor Overview Tab

         Resource Monitor CPU Tab

         Resource Monitor Memory Tab

         Resource Monitor Disk Tab

         Resource Monitor Network Tab

    Event Viewer

         Overview and Summary

         Windows Logs

         Applications and Services Logs

    Troubleshooting Windows Services

         Services Snap-in Overview

         Service Properties

         Problem Steps Recorder


Subject Index