Microsoft Windows 7 Administrator

Microsoft Windows 7 Administrator's Reference

Upgrading, Deploying, Managing, and Securing Windows 7

Microsoft Windows 7 Administrator’s Reference gives you a complete overview of all the important day-to-day duties for which administrators are responsible. From a complete overview of upgrading and implementing to a detailed view of security in Windows 7, this book will keep you on track. Coverage includes: installing and deployment, managing the new Windows 7 environment, overview of the new desktop features, and technical help for troubleshooting and networking (to name a few).

Written by current systems administrators with a deep experience in Windows, security, and networked and enterprise environments, this book is like having your own on-site consultant in the trenches with you. Each chapter of Microsoft Windows 7 Administrator’s Reference is designed to give you easy access to the answers you need most. Whether you are looking for quick troubleshooting information, a compilation of the new desktop environment, or even virtualization and mobility information, you’ll find it quickly.


Network and system administrators and other related IT personnel who need to deploy, upgrade, and maintain Windows 7 for the enterprise

Hardbound, 672 Pages

Published: April 2010

Imprint: Syngress

ISBN: 978-1-59749-561-5


  • "Arguably of greatest benefit to those IT professionals who need to get up to speed with managing Windows systems (or, given its focus on Windows 7 specifically, who need to update their skills for the new platform)….  The book’s subtitle - ‘Upgrading, Deploying, Managing and Securing Windows 7’ - shows that there’s something specifically for security professionals in here, too."--Network Security


  • Chapter 1 - Introducing Windows 7

    Chapter 2 - Installing & Upgrading to Windows 7

    Chapter 3 – Configuring The New Windows 7 Desktop Environment

    Chapter 4 - Windows 7 Networking & Mobility

    Chapter 5 - Deploying Windows 7 in an Enterprise Environment

    Chapter 6 – Managing Windows 7 with Powershell V2

    Chapter 7 - Securing Windows 7

    Chapter 8 – Securing data with Bitlocker

    Chapter 9 - Windows 7 Troubleshooting & Performance Tools

    Windows 10 Tips from the field.



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