Micropatterning in Cell Biology Part A book cover

Micropatterning in Cell Biology Part A

Methods in Cell Biology

This new volume of Methods in Cell Biology looks at micropatterning in cell biology and includes chapters on protein photo-patterning on PEG with benzophenone, laser-directed cell printing and dip pen nanolithography. The cutting-edge material in this comprehensive collection is intended to guide researchers for years to come.


Researchers and students in cell, molecular and developmental biology

Included in series
Methods in Cell Biology

Hardbound, 368 Pages

Published: January 2014

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-416742-1


  • Section 1:  Micro-patterning in 2D
    Ch1 Stamp-off” to micropattern sparse, multicomponent features
    Ravi A. Desai, Natalia M. Rodriguez and Christopher S. Chen
    Ch2 Poly(vinyl alcohol)-Micropatterned Surfaces for Manipulation of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Functions
    Guoping Chen
    Ch3 Patterning of polymeric cell culture substrates
    Alexander Welle, Simone Weigel and Özgül Demir Bulut
    Ch4 Photopatterning with a Printed Transparency Mask and a Protein-Friendly Photoresist
    Jiwoo Kang, Jong-Cheol Choi, Miju Kim, Hong-Ryul Jung and Junsang Doh
    Ch5 Plasma Micro-Contact Patterning (PCP): a technique for the precise control of surface patterning at small-scale
    Remigio Picone, Buzz Baum and Rachel McKendry
    Ch6 Patterning Gradients
    Nagaiyanallur V. Venkataraman, Clément V. M. Cremmel, Christian Zink, Rebecca P. Huber and Nicholas D. Spencer

    Section 2: Maskless Micropatterning
    Ch7 Laser-assisted absorption by photobleaching
    Jonathan M. Bélisle, Javier Mazzaferri and Santiago Costantino
    Ch8 Micropatterning with a liquid-crystal display (LCD) projector
    Kazuyoshi Itoga, Jun Kobayashi, Masayuki Yamato and Teruo Okano
    Ch9 Cell patterning by Laser-assisted bioprinting
    Raphaël Devillard, Emeline Pagès, Manuela Medina Correa, Virginie Kériquel, Murielle Rémy, Jérôme Kalisky, Muhammad Ali, Bertrand Guillotin and Fabien Guillemot
    Ch10 Stereomask lithography for multi-protein patterning
    Siwei Zhao, Arnold Chen, Alexander Revzin and Tingrui Pan
    Ch11 Fabrication of Multifaceted, Micropatterned Surfaces and Image-Guided Patterning Using Laser Scanning Lithography
    Jennifer L. West and John Hundley Slater
    Ch12 Print-to-print: Printer-enabled Out-of-cleanroom Multi-object Microprinting Method
    Siyuan Xing, Siwei Zhao and Tingrui Pan

    Section 3: 2D Nanopatterning
    Ch13 Soft/Elastic Nano-Patterned Biointerfaces in the Service of  Cell Biology
    Ilia Platzman, Katarzyna M. Gadomska, Jan-Willi Janiesch, Ilia Louban, E. Ada Cavalcanti-Adam and Joachim P. Spatz
    Ch14 Combinatorial Screening of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Adhesion and Differentiation Using Polymer Pen Lithography
    Maria D. Cabezas, Daniel J. Eichelsdoerfer, Keith A. Brown, Milan Mrksich and Chad A. Mirkin
    Ch15 High fidelity nanopatterning of proteins onto well-defined surfaces through subtractive contact printing
    José R. García, Ankur Singh and Andrés J. García
    Ch16 The use of microarrays and fluorescence in situ hybridisation for the study of mechanotransduction from topography
    Laura E. McNamara, Matthew J. Dalby and Monica P. Tsimbouri


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