Micromanufacturing Engineering and Technology book cover

Micromanufacturing Engineering and Technology

This book presents applicable knowledge of technology, equipment and applications, and the core economic issues of micromanufacturing for anyone with a basic understanding of manufacturing, material, or product engineering.It explains micro-engineering issues (design, systems, materials, market and industrial development), technologies, facilities, organization, competitiveness, and innovation with an analysis of future potential.The machining, forming, and joining of miniature / micro-products are all covered in depth, covering: grinding/milling, laser applications, and photo chemical etching; embossing (hot & UV), injection molding and forming (bulk, sheet, hydro, laser); mechanical assembly, laser joining, soldering, and packaging.

Engineers, Academia, Researchers, and Senior UG students, MSc/PhD students in Mechanical/ Manufacturing/ Materials/ Design Engineering

Hardbound, 432 Pages

Published: July 2010

Imprint: William Andrew

ISBN: 978-0-8155-1545-6


  • 1. Overview of Micro-Manufacturing
    2. Micro-/Nano-Machining through Mechanical Cutting
    3. Micro-EDM
    4. Laser Micro-Structuring
    5. Hot Embossing
    6. Micro-Injection-Molding
    7. Micro-Bulk-Forming
    8. Forming of Micro-Sheet-Metal Components
    9. Micro-Hydroforming
    10. Laser-Assisted Micro-Forming
    11. Micro-Mechanical-Assembly
    12. Laser Beam Micro-Joining
    13. Deep X-Ray Lithography
    14. Surface Engineering and Micro-Manufacturing
    15. Polymer Thin Films - Processes, Parameters and Property Control
    16. Micro-/Nano-Fibres by Electrospinning Technology: Processing, Properties and Applications
    17. Tooling Process Chains and Concepts
    18. Handling for Micro-Manufacturing
    19. Robotics in Micro-Manufacturing and Micro-Robotics
    20. Optical Coherence Tomography for the Characterization of Micro-Parts and -Structures
    21. In-situ Testing of Mechanical Properties of Materials
    22. Testing and Diagnosis for Micro-Manufacturing Systems
    23. Micro-Mechanics Modeling for Micro-Forming Processes
    24. Manufacturing Execution Systems for Micro-Manufacturing
    25. Sustainability of Micro-Manufacturing Technologies


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