Microcomputer Applications in Geology 2

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  • J.T. Hanley, President, Cape Henry Software, Falls Church, VA, USA
  • D.F. Merriam, Department of Geology, Wichita State University, Wichita, KA, USA

The development and utilization of microcomputers is widespread and rapid in all scientific disciplines, geology being no exception. Microcomputers are becoming ubiquitous and indispensable in research and teaching as well as in the commercial sector. The applications that are available to the geologic community today are increasingly dynamic and sophisticated, although to date software has been the limiting factor. This volume provides an excellent source of software and ideas on applications. Papers cover a wide range of subjects both in geology and computer science. The applications range from reconstructing fossil shells to reconstructing landscape terrains, covering topics such as expert systems, simulations, database construction and data analysis and display.
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  • Published: April 1990
  • Imprint: PERGAMON
  • ISBN: 978-0-08-040261-1


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Computers and Geosciences Volume 17 No 5
Will you find every paper in the collection to be interesting? Yest, I think that most people will.
Mathematical Geology Volume 23 Number 5

Table of Contents

(partial) Availability of Software. Preface. Introduction. Geologic education in the 1990's - the impact of personal computers, H R Burger. STRANA: A Macintosh computer program for the representation and statistical analysis of orientation data in structural geology, M Barchi & F Guzetti. Data and information management for a hydrogeologic study of a waste-disposal site, M J Bellotti. Stimulation via simulation: geochemical modelling, J C Butler. The evaluation of pore-geometry networks in clastic reservoir lithologies using microcomputer technology, S M Habesch. Regional geophysical data on a compact disk, A M Hittleman & H Meyers. Cross sections and volume measurement of stratigraphic units, M M Kimberley. A simple Pascal procedure for outline tracing in image analysis, U Nordland. CatTrack: A Pascal program to display ternary diagrams on a Macintosh computer, C Ong. A microcomputer reconstruction of paleoclimates, B L Roberts et al. Microcomputers in mineral exploration: a database for modeling gold deposits in the Yilgarn block of Western Australia, N M S Rock et al. MACS: A Macintosh program for constructing marine magnetic anomaly profile, E Rosencrantz. Theoretical morphology of shells aided by microcomputers, E Savazzi. Simulation of sediment-fluid interaction in subsiding basins, J C Tipper et al. Porosity Advisor - an expert system used as an aid in interpreting the origin of porosity on carbonate rocks, W L Watney et al. A frame-based expert system to identify minerals in thin section, D Wright et al. Index.