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Microbial Synthetic Biology

The 40th volume of Methods in Microbiology focuses on microbial synthetic biology.

Synthetic biology is a rapidly growing discipline that builds on well-established principles of genetic engineering and biotechnology by integrating computational and engineering approaches to the design and construction of novel biological systems.

This volume addresses some of the major technical challenges stand in the way of achieving a radical step-change in our ability to engineer complex multi-scaled biological systems. These include: the application of computation intelligence to the design of synthetic microbial systems, design automation and constraints; the impact of noise and stochasticity; the engineering of biosensors; the characteristic of a model bacterial chassis. A key issue in Synthetic Biology is that of its social dimensions and a chapter is dedicated to the important issue.


Microbiologists, lab researchers, students


Included in series
Methods in Microbiology

Hardbound, 240 Pages

Published: November 2013

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-417029-2


    1. Computational Intelligence in the Design of Synthetic Microbial Genetic Systems
      Jennifer S. Hallinan
    2. Constraints in the Design of the Synthetic Bacterial Chassis
      Antoine Danchin and Agnieszka Sekowska
    3. Social Dimensions of Microbial Synthetic Biology
      Jane Calvert and Emma Frow
    4. Bacillus Subtilis: Model Gram-positive Synthetic Biology Chassis
      Colin R. Harwood, Suzanne Pohl, Wendy Smith and Anil Wipat
    5. Engineering Microbial Biosensors
      Lisa Goers, Nicolas Kylilis, Marios Tomazou, Ke Yan Wen, Paul Freemont and Karen Polizzi
    6. Noise and Stochasticity in Gene Expression - A Pathogenic Fate determinant
      Mikkel Girke Jørgensen, Renske van Raaphorst and Jan-Willem Veening
    7. Platforms for Genetic Design Automation
      Chris J. Myers


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