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Methods in Methane Metabolism, Part A


Produced by microbes on a large scale, methane is an important alternative fuel as well as a potent greenhouse gas. This volume focuses on microbial methane metabolism, which is central to the global carbon cycle. Both methanotrophy and methanogenesis are covered in detail. Topics include isolation and classification of microorganisms, metagenomics approaches, biochemistry of key metabolic enzymes, gene regulation and genetic systems, and field measurements. The state-of-the-art techniques described here will both guide researchers in specific pursuits and educate the wider scientific community about this exciting and rapidly developing field.


Researchers and the wider scientific community

Included in series
Methods in Enzymology

Hardbound, 424 Pages

Published: March 2011

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-385112-3


    1. Techniques for Cultivating Methanogens
    2. Ralph S. Wolfe

    3. Genetic Methods for Methanosarcina species
    4. Nicole Buan, Gargi Kulkarni and William Metcalf

    5. Genetic Systems for Hydrogenotrophic Methanogens
    6. Felipe Sarmiento B, John A. Leigh and William B. Whitman

    7. Molecular tools for investigating ANME community structure and function
    8. Steven J. Hallam, Antoine Pagé, Lea Constan, Young C. Song, Angela Norbeck, Heather Mottaz, and Ljiljana Pasa-Tolic

    9. Studying gene regulation in methanogenic archaea
    10. Michael Rother, Christian Sattler and Tilmann Stock

    11. Growth of Methanogens Under Defined Hydrogen Conditions
    12. John A. Leigh

    13. Preparation of [Fe]-hydrogenase from methanogenic archaea
    14. Seigo Shima, Michael Schick and Haruka Tamura

    15. Assay of methylotrophic methyltransferases from methanogenic archaea
    16. Donald J. Ferguson, David G. Longstaff and Joseph A. Krzycki

    17. Methyl-Coenzyme M Reductase from Methanothermobacter marburgensis
    18. Evert C. Duin, Divya Prakash, Charlene Brungess

    19. Methods for Analysis of Acetyl-CoA Synthase: Applications to bacterial and archaeal systems
    20. David A. Grahame

    21. Acetate Kinase and Phosphotransacetylase
    22. James G. Ferry

    23. Sodium ion translocation and ATP synthesis in methanogens
    24. Katharina Schlegel and Volker Müller

    25. Proton translocation in methanogens
    26. Cornelia Welte and Uwe Deppenmeier

    27. Measuring isotope fractionation by autotrophic microorganisms and enzymes
    28. Kathleen M. Scott, Gordon Fox and Peter R. Girguis

    29. 2-Oxoacid Metabolism in Methanogenic CoM and CoB Biosynthesis
    30. David E. Graham

    31. Biomethanation and its potential

    Irini Angelidaki, Fons Stams and Dimitar Karakashev


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