Methods for analysis of Golgi complex function

Methods in Cell Biology

Edited by

  • Franck Perez, Institut Curie, CNRS, France
  • David Stephens

This new volume of Methods in Cell Biology looks at methods for analyzing of golgi complex function. Chapters cover such topics as in vitro reconstitution systems, fluorescence-based analysis of trafficking in mammalian cells and high content screening. With cutting-edge material, this comprehensive collection is intended to guide researchers for years to come.
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Researchers and students in cell, molecular and developmental biology


Book information

  • Published: November 2013
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-417164-0

Table of Contents

Model systems and functional studies
1.Analysis of Golgi Complex Functions: In vitro Reconstitution Systems
  Frank Adolf and Felix T. Wieland
2.RNA Interference Approaches to Examine Golgi Function in Animal Cell Culture
  Victoria J. Miller, Caroline M. McKinnon, Harry Mellor, and David J. Stephens
3.Trafficking along the Secretory Pathway in Drosophila Cell Line and Tissues:  A Light and Electron Microscopy Approach
  Margarita Zacharogianni and Catherine Rabouille
4.Studying Membrane Trafficking in the Worm C. elegans by RNA Interference
  Zita Balklava and Elizabeth Sztul
5.Endomembrane and Golgi Traffic in Plant Cells
  Giovanni Stefano, Anne Osterrieder, Chris Hawes, and Federica Brandizzi
6.Biochemical Analysis of Secretory Trafficking in Mammalian Cells
  Peristera Roboti, Tomasz M. Witkos, and Martin Lowe
7.Methods for Analysis of Apical Lumen Trafficking Using Micropatterned 3D Systems
  Alejo E. Rodr√ɬ≠guez-Fraticelli and Fernando Mart√ɬ≠n-Belmonte
8.Using Replication Defective Viruses to Analyze Membrane Trafficking in Polarized Epithelial Cells
  Lucy Pigati, Richard S. Kang, and Heike F√ɬ∂lsch
9.Snap-Tagging the Retrograde Route
  Ludger Johannes and Massiullah Shafaq-Zadah
10.Assessing ER and Golgi N-Glycosylation Process using Metabolic Labeling in Mammalian Cultured Cells
   Romain P√ɬ©anne, Jorick Vanbeselaere, Doroth√ɬ©e Vicogne, Anne-Marie Mir, Christophe Biot, Gert Matthijs, Yann Gu√ɬ©rardel, and Fran√ɬßois Foulquier

Imaging based approaches
11.Fluorescence based Analysis of Trafficking in Mammalian Cells
   Gaelle Boncompain and Franck Perez
12.Photobleaching Methods to study Golgi Complex Dynamics in Living Cells
   Erik Lee Snapp
13.Photohighlighting approaches to access membrane dynamics of the Golgi apparatus
   Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz and Prabuddha Sengupta
14.Live Cell Visualization of Golgi Membrane Dynamics by Super-Resolution Confocal Live Imaging Microscopy (SCLIM)
   Kazuo Kurokawa, Midori Ishii, Yasuyuki Suda, Akira Ichihara, and Akihiko Nakano
15.Analysis of Golgi Complex Function using Correlative Light-Electron Microscopy (CLEM)
   Elena V. Polishchuk and Roman S. Polishchuk
16.Viewing Golgi Structure and Function from a different perspective - Insights from Electron Tomography
   Margit Pavelka and Brad J. Marsh
17.High Content Screening and Analysis of the Golgi Complex
   George Galea and Jeremy C. Simpson

Emerging studies [New Frontiers]
18.(Re)Modeling the Golgi
   Pierre Sens and Madan Rao
19.Golgi Depletion from Living Cells with Laser Nanosurgery
   Paolo Ronchi and Rainer Pepperkok
20.Studying Intracellular Trafficking Pathways with Probabilistic Density Maps
   Kristine Schauer, Tarn Duong, Carina S. Gomes-Santos, and Bruno Goud
21.Methods to Study Signaling at The Golgi Apparatus
   Veronika Reitere, Francesco Baschieri, Valentina Millarte, and Hesso Farhan
22.Golgi-Dependent Signaling: Self-Coordination of Membrane Trafficking
   Jorge Cancino, Anita Capalbo, and Alberto Luini
23.Signaling at the Golgi during Mitosis
   Antonino Colanzi and Christine S√ɬľtterlin
24.Ice Recovery Assay for Detection of Golgi-Derived Microtubules
   Ashley D. Grimaldi, Maria Fomicheva, and Irina Kaverina