Methods and Tools in User-Centred Design for Information Technology book cover

Methods and Tools in User-Centred Design for Information Technology

This book is concerned with the development of human factorsinputs to software design. The aim is to create products whichmatch the requirements and characteristics of users and whichoffer usable user interfaces. The HUFIT project - Human Factorsin Information Technology - was carried out within the EuropeanStrategic Programme for Research and Development in InformationTechnology (ESPRIT) with the objective of enhancing the qualityof software design within the European Community. The variety ofactivities undertaken to achieve this goal are reflected in thisbook. It describes human factors knowledge and tools forintegration in information technology supplier organisations.


Published: January 1992

Imprint: North-holland

ISBN: 978-0-444-89301-7


  • Introduction (M. Galer, S. Harker). Supporting the Design Process From Conception to Use. Human Factors Tools for Designers of Information Technology Products (G. Allinson, B. Catterall, M. Dowd, M. Galer, M. Maguire, B. Taylor). An Ergonomics Framework for User Activity Centred Software Design (F. Jeffroy, I. Lambert). The SANE Toolkit for Cognitive Modelling and User-Centred Design (T. Bösser, E-M. Melchior). Product Usability (N. Bertaggia, G. Montagnini, F. Novara, O. Parlangeli). The Computer Human Factors Database (K. Phillips, M. Galer). Developments in Interface Design. Design of Dialogues for Human-Computer Interaction (P. Haubner). Direct Manipulation User Interface (C. Görner, P. Vossen, J. Ziegler). Design and Evaluation of Applications with Speech Interfaces - Experimental Results and Practical Guidelines (F. van Nes). Multimedia Interfaces (F. Koller). Software Tools to Support User-Centred Design. DIAMANT - A User Interface Management System for Object-Oriented Interfaces (B. Trefz). INTUIT: A Computer Assisted Software Engineering Support for User-Centred Design (F. Russel, P. Pettit, S. Elder). Exemplar of the Application of User-Centred Design. Developing Intelligent Decision Support Systems Through User-Centred Design: A Managerial Planning Application (L. Laios, N. Marmaras, M. Giannacourou). Conclusions. Human Factors in the I.T. Software Design Process - The Way Forward (S. Harker, K. Eason, J. Ziegler).


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