Metallocene Technology in Commercial Applications

Edited by

  • George Benedikt, B.F. Goodrich, USA


  • George Benedikt, B.F. Goodrich, USA

Second in the Metallocene series from PDL, this book focuses on the commercial use and process improvements of resins produced with metallocene, single site, and other modern catalytic methods. Research to broaden the scope of applications and shorten production cycles is presented. New and improved polymer blends resulting from the use of new catalysts and improved polymer compatibility are explored as well as new applications becoming possible due to improved and balanced properties. Current trends and the latest research from the international scientific and industrial community are presented in this volume. Chapters cover use in extrusion, film manufacture, injection molding, foam production, fiber spinning, composites and new applications. Precise testing methods, material characterization, polymer morphology and crystallization are the focus of another section of the book.
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Engineers, researchers and technicians in the plastics industry.


Book information

  • Published: December 1999
  • ISBN: 978-1-884207-76-1

Table of Contents

Catalytic SystemsSingle Site Supported Catalysts for EthyleneSynthesis of High-Molecular-Weight Elastomeric Polypropylene with Half-Titanocene/MAO CatalystsProcessing MethodsùBlendingIs Metallocene Polyethylene Blend with HDPE More Compatible than with PP?Spherulite Boundary Strengthening: A New Concept in Polymer BlendsModification of Syndiotactic PolystyreneBlends of Ethylene/Styrene Interpolymers and Other Polymers: Benefits in ApplicationsProcessing MethodsùExtrusionEasy Processing Metallocene PolyethyleneEffect of Metallocene Polyethylene on Heat Sealing Properties of Low Density Polyethylene BlendsExtrusion Operation Window for Filled Metallocene PolyethylenesProcessing Trends of Metallocene Linear Low Density Polyethylenes and Their Influence on Single Screw DesignInfluence of mPE Grades on the Dynamic Properties of PP/mPE-BlendsA Single-Site Catalyzed Polyolefin for Fresh-Cut Produce Packaging: A Comparison between Monoextruded Blends and Co-Extruded FilmRheology and Processing Experience of New Metallocene PolyolefinsProcessing MethodsùFilm FormingProperties and Film Applications of Metallocene-Based Isostatic PolypropylenesPhase Structure Characterization and Processing, Structure, Property Relationships in Linear, Low-Density Polyethylene Blown FilmsThe Relative Influences of Process and Resin Time-Scales on the MD Tear Strength of Polyethylene in Blown Film ApplicationsTrade-Offs in Blown Film Processing, Structure, Property Behavior of LLDPE Types Resins from Chromium, Metallocene and Ziegler-Natta CatalystsProcessing MethodsùInjection MoldingTransparent Metallocene Polypropylene for Injection MoldingEquipment Design Considerations for Processing with Metallocene ResinsOther Processing MethodsProduct and Process Developments in the Nitrogen Autoclave Process for Polyolefin Foam ManufacturerProperties on Syndiotactic Polypropylene Fibers Produced from Melt SpinningMelt Spinning of Syndiotactic Polypropylene: Structure Development and Implication for Oriented CrystallizationPropertiesNew Polyolefins Characterization by Instrumental AnalysisDynamic Melt Rheometry Used to Study Degradation of Metallocene PolyethyleneMelt Rheology and Processability of Conventional and Metallocene Polyethylenes: The Effects of BranchingExtensional and Shear Rheology Metallocene-Catalyzed PolyethylenesA Criterion for the Onset of Gross Polyolefins: Molecular Structure Effect Relationship between Structure and Rheology of Constrained Geometry Catalyzed and Metallocene PolyethylenesThe Influence of Sequence Length Distribution on the Linear Crystal Growth of Ethylene-Octene CopolymersCrystallization and Microstructure of Ziegler-Natta and Metallocene Based Isotactic Polypropylenes: Simulation and ExperimentKinetics of Non-Isothermal Crystallization Syndiotactic Polypropylene: Avrami, Ozawa, and Kissinger ApproachesHigh Temperature Flexible PolyolefinsùA User's PerspectiveMarketsAn Outlook for Metallocene and Single-Site Catalyst Technology into the 21st CenturyWorld Olefins Market: Issues Influencing Availability and PricingWorld Polypropylene DemandPVC Markets, Today and in 2020