Metallocene Catalyzed Polymers

Materials, Processing and Markets


  • George M. Benedikt, B.F. Goodrich, USA
  • Brian L. Goodall, B.F. Goodrich, Ohio, USA

It has been estimated that within just ten years, over half of all polyolefins will be made by using metallocene catalysts. This ground-breaking volume from PDL brings together├╣for the first time├╣work from dozens of world-renowned experts on the subject. Fifty chapters of peer-reviewed content offer insights into applications in automotive components, food packaging, insulating films, non-woven fabrics and medical markets, among others.
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Engineers, researchers and technicians in the plastics industry.


Book information

  • Published: December 1998
  • ISBN: 978-1-884207-59-4


"...a very practical book on plastic foams..." - Polymer News

Table of Contents

Materials Economic Factors for the Production of Metallocene and Perfluorinated Boron Cocatalysts Polypropylene Reinvented - Cost of Using Metallocene Catalysts New Approaches for Ziegler-Natta Catalysts for Polypropylene UNIPOL? Gas Phase Copolymerization with SSC Metallocene Technology High-Molecular-Weight Atactic Polypropylene from Metallocene Catalysts. Influence of Ligand Structure and Polymerization Conditions on Molecular Weight Homo- and Co-polymers Derived from Multicyclic Olefin Monomers: The Quest for Higher Tg Materials The Renaissance in Polyolefin Manufacturing Technology Mixed Metallocenes for Designer Polymers Advances in the Functionalized Polyolefins Synthesis and Applications SPS Crystalline Polymer: A New Metallocene-catalyzed Styrene Engineering Thermoplastic Ethylene/a-olefin Copolymers with Metallocene Catalysts in High Pressure Process Semicrystalline Polyolefins - Narrow MWD and Long Chain Branching: Best of Both Worlds Structure and Properties of Single Site Constrained Geometry Ethylene-Propylene-Diene, EPDM, Elastomers Enhancing Polyethylene Performance with INSITE? Technology and Molecular DesignProperties Morphological Investigation on Very Low Density Ethylene-Octene Metallocene Copolymers Using SAXS Further Studies on Metallocene ULDPE/PP Blends Impact-Morphology Relationships Morphology of Low to Very Low Density Ethylene-Octene Metallocene Copolymers Morphological Studies of Metallocene Plastomer Modified Polypropylenes Comparison of the Crystallization Behavior of Ziegler-Natta and Metallocene Catalyzed Isotactic Polypropylene Explaining the Transient Behaviors of Syndiotactic Polypropylene Equilibrium Melting Temperatures of Ethylene Copolymers: An Appraisal of the Applicability of the Flory and Sanchez-Eby Approaches Melt Rheology and Processability of Ethylene/Styrene Interpolymers Characterizing the Melt Relaxation Behavior of Metallocene Polyethylenes Studies on the Thermal Stability and Processability of Syndiotactic Polystyrene The Performance of Primary and Secondary Antioxidants in Polyolefins Produced with Metallocene Catalysts. Part 1. Preliminary Studies Comparing m-Syndiotactic and Isotactic Polypropylenes Metallocene Plastomer Modification of Clear Polypropylene for Impact Enhancement Frictional Behavior of Polyethylenes with Respect to Density and Melting Characteristics Crystallinity Dependence of Modulus and Yield Properties in PolyethylenesProcessing Processing Characteristics of Metallocene Propylene Homopolymers Performance - Property of Novel Glass Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene Compounds and Their Applications Injection Molding of Glass Fiber Reinforced Syndiotactic Polystyrene Injection Molding Optimization Procedures for Polyolefin Plastomers and Elastomers Potential Film Applications of Metallocene-based Propylene Polymers from Exxpol? Catalysis Effect of Various Polyethylene Structures on Film Extrusion An Innovative Approach to Understand Metallocene Based Polyolefins and Thermoplastic Resins for Film Applications Extrusion Behavior of Exxpol Metallocene Polypropylene The Effects of Long Chain Branching of the Processing-Structure-Property Behavior of Polyethylene Blown Film Resins Spherilene Process LLDPE for Conventionally Blown Shrink Film Blown Film Characterization of Metallocene Resins Made in the Phillips Slurry Loop Process Comparison of the Fiber-Spinning Properties of Ziegler-Natta and Metallocene Catalyzed Polypropylene Metallocene Linear Low Density Polyethylene Blends for Pouch Materials in High-Speed Hot-Liquid Filling Process Blends of SIS Block Copolymers with Ultralow Density Polyethylenes Preparation of Metallocene Plastomer Modified High Flow Thermoplastic OlefinsMarkets Metallocene Capabilities Drive Success of Innovative Packaging Manufacturer Impact of Technology on Global Polyethylene Technology Impact of Metallocene Based Polypropylene on Existing Polypropylene Technologies and Markets New Polyethylenes for Targeted Performance Based Applications Polyvinyl Chloride Replacement for Flexible Medical Tubing Index