Metabolic Maps

Pesticides, Environmentally Relevant Molecules and Biologically Active Molecules


  • Hiroyasu Aizawa, HRCI Hiro Research Consultancy Inc., Tokyo, Japan, and Tamagawa University Research Institute, Japan

People working in development of drugs, pesticides, washing detergents, etc., are obliged by law to conduct analyses of the "metabolic pathways" or "maps" for the chemical compounds that they are using or proposing. Everyone in these industries or carrying out research toward such products is therefore interested in having a reference on these compounds.
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Graduate students and scientists in industry, government, and academia, researching biologically active compounds in the fields of toxicology, biotechnology, environmental chemistry, and metabolism.


Book information

  • Published: May 2001
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-045605-5

Table of Contents

PrefaceAcid AmidesAmidines, Guanidines, and HydrazinesAmino Acid-Phophinic AcidsAnilines and NitrobenzenesAryloxy AcidsBiphenyl EthersCarbamatesDithio- and ThiolcarbamatesHalogenated AliphaticsHalogenated AromaticsFive-membered HeterocyclesFive-membered Heterocycles (fused)Six- /more membered HeterocyclesSix- /more membered Heterocycles (fused)ImidesNatural ProductsOrganophosphorous CompoundsOximesPhenylureas and Related CompoundsPhosphono Amino Acids and Related CompoundsPyrethroidsSulfonylureasTriazines and Related CompoundsMiscellaneousReferencesPredicted Parameters of log PAuthor IndexActivity IndexSubject Index