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Mesoscale Meteorological Modeling

The second edition of Mesoscale Meteorological Modeling is a fully revised resource for researchers and practitioners in the growing field of meteorological modeling at the mesoscale. Pielke has enhanced the new edition by quantifying model capability (uncertainty) by a detailed evaluation of the assumptions of parameterization and error propagation. Mesoscale models are applied in a wide variety of studies, including weather prediction, regional and local climate assessments, and air pollution investigations.

Graduate-level courses and researchers in the field of atmospheric science.

Included in series
International Geophysics


Published: November 2001

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-554766-6


  • "This book is a useful reference for those interested int he application of numerical models as applied to mesoscale phenomena...a worthwhile addition to one's library." -BAMS (Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society) "Roger A. Pielke, Sr., has been working at the forefront of mesoscale meteorological research for the past thirty years...I recommend this book to all those interested in mesoscale meteorological modelling." -Dale Hess, Bureau of Meteorology Research Centre Australian Meteorological Magazine, September, 2002


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