Mental Health Care for Elderly People book cover

Mental Health Care for Elderly People

Helping older people and their families cope successfully with mental health problems is the responsibility of a multi-disciplinary team of health and social care professionals. This textbook reflects this approach and applies theory and research to the practical care of elderly people with mental health problems from a multi-disciplinary perspective. The book is divided into four sections: Mental Health, Old Age, and Society; Understanding Mental Health Problems in Later Life; Therapeutic Interventions; and The Organization of Care for Elderly People with Mental Health Problems. Case material is interspersed throughout to illustrate the application of theory and research in practice and all chapters include annotated bibliographies of recommended reading as well as reference lists.

Paperback, 584 Pages

Published: September 1996

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-05173-9


  • SECTION 1 MENTAL HEALTH, OLD AGE and SOCIETY: the Demography and Mental Health of Elderly People. Psychosocial Approaches to Ageing and Mental Health. Biological Approaches to Ageing and Mental Health SECTION 2 UNDERSTANDING MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS in LATER LIFE:Developmental Problems in Later Life. Learning Disabiltiy in Later Life. Assessment of Older People. Anxiety in Later Life. Depression and Mania in Later Life. Suicide in Later Life. Acute and Sub-Acute Confusional States (Delirium) in Later Life. Dementia. Substance Misuse in the Elderly. Schizophrenia in Later Life. Struggling with Services. Mental Health Problems in Old Age SECTION 3 INTERVENTION: Counselling: Maintaining Mental Health in Older Age. Speech, Language and Communication. Reducing Challenging Behaviour of Elderly Confused People: A Behavioural Perspective. Cognitive Therapy with Older People. Reality Orientation (RO) in the 1990s. Beyond Validation. Approaches to Reminiscence. Pharmacological Treatments and Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) SECTION 4 the ORGANISATION of CARE for ELDERLY PEOPLE with MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS: the Development of Service Provision. Supporting Elderly People and Informal Carers at Home. Supporting Paid Carers. Supporting Residents in Long-Stay Settings. Legal and Ethical Issues in Mental Health Care of Elderly Patients. Reflections. Index


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