Membrane Separations Technology book cover

Membrane Separations Technology

Single-Stage, Multistage, and Differential Permeation

The petroleum, natural gas, and the chemical & petrochemical process industries, variously require the separation of mixtures -- whether of raw feedstream materials, reactants, intermediates, or products -- as comprising gases, liquids, or solutions. Membrane separations add another weapon to the arsenal of separation methods, including the upgrading of subquality natural gas reserves. This book furnishes the necessary derivations and calculations for numerically predicting the separations that can be obtained, based on the known respective membrane permeabilities of the pure components. A verstile text, Membrane Separations Technology is suitable both as a reference and a textbook for the practicing process engineer, the researcher, and chemical & petrochemical engineering faculty and students.

1. Chemical engieers and petroleum engineers, including both professionals and researchers, and both faculty and students. 2. International marketing: U.K., France, Norway, Germany, and the Netherlands. Australia - Japan - and China. OPEC (covering the Mid-east, but also covering Venezuela, Sumatra, etc.)

Hardbound, 300 Pages

Published: April 2003

Imprint: Gulf Professional Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-7506-7710-3


  • Introduction; Single-Stage Membrane Separations; Multistage Membrane Separations; Differential Permeation with Point Permeate Withdrawal; Differential Permeation with Permeate Flow; Countercurrent Flow with Recycle; Symbols; Appendix


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