Membrane Protein Crystallization

Edited by

  • Larry DeLucas, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA

This volume of Current Topics in Membranes focuses on Membrane Protein Crystallization, beginning with a review of past successes and general trends, then further discussing challenges of mebranes protein crystallization, cell free production of membrane proteins and novel lipids for membrane protein crystallization. This publication also includes tools to enchance membrane protein crystallization, technique advancements, and crystallization strategies used for photosystem I and its complexes, establishing Membrane Protein Crystallization as a needed, practical reference for researchers.
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Membrane Protein Crystallization, a volume of the established Current Topics in Membranes serial. This volume is edited by Dr. Larry DeLucas, University of Alabama at Birmingham.


Book information

  • Published: June 2009
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-374987-1

Table of Contents

Introduction: Review of past successes and general trends in membrane protein crystallizationLarry DeLucas Chapter 1: “Introduction to the Crystallization of Biological Macromolecules”, Alex MacPhersonChapter 2: “Challenges of Membrane Protein Crystallization”Michael WienerChapter 3: “Cell Free Production of Membrane Proteins”, Volker Erdmann, Michael Kubick1, Helmut Merk1, Wolfgang Stiege1 and Jan Strey1 Chapter 4: “In Vitro Synthesis of Post-translationally Modified Membrane Proteins”, Volker Erdmann,Michael Kubick1, Helmut Merk1, and Wolfgang Stiege1Chapter 5: “Novel Rhodobactar Membrane Protein Expression Factory”Philip Laible and Deborah K. HansonChapter 6: "Detergent selection and optimization in membrane protein crystallization"Tina IversonChapter 7: “Novel Lipids for Membrane Protein Crystallization”Martin CaffreyChapter 8: “Bicelle Membrane Protein Crystallization”James BowieChapter 9: “Novel Approaches for Membrane Protein Crystallization”William CogdellChapter 10: “Tools to Enhance Membrane Protein Crystallization”William Wilson Charles Henry and Larry DeLucasChapter 11: “Advances in Microfluidic Membrane Protein Crystallization Techniques”, Peter Nollert and Cory GerdtsChapter 12: “Crystallization Strategies Used for Photosystem I and its Complexes”Petra FrommeChapter 13: “â-barrel Membrane Protein Crystallization”Mikio Tanabe and Tina IversonChapter 14: “Membrane Proteins: the New Soluble Proteins”James Naismith