Meiosis and Gametogenesis, 37 book cover

Meiosis and Gametogenesis, 37


Published: October 1997

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-153137-9


  • D.L. Pittman and J.C. Schimenti, Recombination in the Mammalian Germline.W. Wahls, Hot Spots of Recombination.B.D. McKee, Pairing Sites and the Role of Chromosomes Pairing in Meiosis and Spermatogenesis in Male Drosophila.M. Zolan, Role of DNA Repair Genes in Meiosis.E.M. Eddy and D.A. OBrien, Gene Expression During Mammalian Meiosis.T. Ashley and A. Plug, Caught in the Act: Deducing Meiotic Function from Antibody Localization.P.B. Moens et al., Chromosome Cores and Chromatin at Meiotic Prophase.D.P. Moore and T.L. Orr-Weaver, Chromosome Segregation During Meiosis: Building an Unambivalent Bivalent.J. Maines and S. Wasserman, Regulation and Execution of Meiosisin Drosophila Males.M.A. Handel and J.J. Eppig, Sexual Dimorphism in the Regulation of Mammalian Meiosis.P.A. Hunt and R. LeMaire-Adkins, Genetic Control of Mammalian Female Meiosis.T.J. Hassold, Nondisjunction in the Human Male.References.


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