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Medical Microbiology

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Medical microbiology concerns the nature, distribution and activities of microbes and how they impact on health and wellbeing, most particularly as agents of infection. Infections remain a major global cause of mortality and in most hospitals around one in ten of those admitted will suffer from an infection acquired during their stay. The evolution of microbes presents a massive challenge to modern medicine and public health. The constant changes in viruses such as influenza, HIV, tuberculosis, malaria and SARS demand vigilance and insight into the underlying process.

Building on the huge success of previous editions, Medical Microbiology 18/e will inform and inspire a new generation of readers. Now fully revised and updated, initial sections cover the basic biology of microbes, infection and immunity and are followed by a systematic review of infective agents, their associated diseases and their control. A final integrating section addresses the essential principles of diagnosis, treatment and management. An unrivalled collection of international contributors continues to ensure the relevance of the book worldwide and complementary access to the complete online version on Student Consult further enhances the learning experience.

Medical Microbiology is explicitly geared to clinical practice and is an ideal textbook for medical and biomedical students and specialist trainees. It will also prove invaluable to medical laboratory scientists and all other busy professionals who require a clear, current and most trusted guide to this fascinating field.


Medical students; Biomedical students; Specialist trainees; Medical laboratory scientists


Paperback, 794 Pages

Published: July 2012

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7020-4089-4


  • Contents

    PART 1


     1 Microbiology and medicine

    D. Greenwood and M. R. Barer

     2 Morphology and nature of micro-organisms 

    M. R. Barer

     3 Classification, identification and typing of micro-organisms 

    T. L. Pitt

     4 Bacterial growth, physiology and death 

    M. R. Barer

     5 Antimicrobial agents 

    D. Greenwood and M. M. Ogilvie

     6 Bacterial genetics 

    K. J. Towner

     7 Virus-cell interactions 

    M. Norval

    PART 2


     8 Immunological principles: antigens and antigen recognition 

    J. Stewart

     9 Innate and acquired immunity 

    J. Stewart

    10 Immunity in viral infections 

    J. Stewart

    11 Parasitic infections: pathogenesis and immunity 

    J. Stewart

    12 Immunity in bacterial

    J. Stewart

    13 Bacterial pathogenicity 

    D. A. A. Ala’Aldeen

    14 The natural history of infection 

    M. R. Barer

    PART 3


    15 Staphylococcus 

    H. Humphreys

    16 Streptococcus and enterococcus 

    M. Kilian

    17 Coryneform bacteria, listeria and erysipelothrix 

    J. McLauchlin and P. Riegel

    18 Mycobacterium 

    J. M. Grange

    19 Environmental mycobacteria 

    J. M. Grange

    20 Actinomyces, nocardia and tropheryma 

    J. M. Grange

    21 Bacillus 

    H. S. Atkins

    22 Clostridium 

    T. V. Riley

    23 Neisseria and moraxella 

    D. A. A. Ala’Aldeen and N. Oldfield

    24 Salmonella 

    H. Chart

    25 Shigella Bacillary dysentery

    H. Chart

    26 Escherichia 

    H. Chart

    27 Klebsiella, enterobacter, proteus and other enterobacteria 

    H. Chart

    28 Pseudomonads and non-fermenters 

    J. R. W. Govan

    29 Campylobacter and helicobacter 

    J. M. Ketley

    30 Vibrio, mobiluncus, gardnerella and spirillum 

    H. Chart

    31 Haemophilus 

    M. P. E. Slack

    32 Bordetella 

    N. W. Preston and R. C. Matthews

    33 Legionella Legionnaires’ disease; Pontiac fever

    J. Hood and G. F. S. Edwards

    34 Brucella, bartonella and streptobacillus M. J. Corbel

    35 Yersinia, pasteurella and

    M. J. Corbel

    36 Non-sporing anaerobes 

    R. P. Allaker

    37 Treponema and borrelia 

    A. Cockayne

    38 LeptospiraLeptospirosis; Weil’s disease

    M. Picardeau

    39 Chlamydia Genital and ocular infections; infertility; atypical pneumonia

    D. Mabey

    40 Rickettsia, orientia, ehrlichia, anaplasma and coxiella 

    D. H. Walker and Xue-Jie Yu

    41 Mycoplasmas Atypical pneumonia; genital tract

    D. Taylor-Robinson

    PART 4


    42 Adenoviruses Respiratory disease; conjunctivitis; gut infections

    J. S. M. Peiris and C. R. Madeley

    43 Herpesviruses 

    I. Johannessen and M. M. Ogilvie

    44 Poxviruses 

    T. H. Pennington

    45 Papillomaviruses and

    H. A. Cubie

    46 Hepadnaviruses Hepatitis B infection; deltavirus

    P. Simmonds and W. Tong

    47 Parvoviruses B19 infection; erythema infectiosum

    P. J. Molyneaux

    48 Picornaviruses

    I. Johannessen and S. M. Burns

    49 Orthomyxoviruses Influenza

    M. Zambon

    50 Paramyxoviruses Respiratory infections; mumps; measles; Hendra/Nipah disease

    J. S. M. Peiris and C. R. Madeley

    51 Arboviruses: alphaviruses, flaviviruses and bunyaviruses 

    A. D. T. Barrett and S. C. Weaver

    52 Togavirus and hepacivirus Rubella; hepatitis C and E viruses

    L. Hesketh, P. Simmonds and
    J. F. Peutherer

    53 Arenaviruses and filoviruses 

    H. Feldman, D. Safronetzand D. Falzarano

    54 Reoviruses Gastro-enteritis

    N. A. Cunliffe and O. Nakagomi

    55 Retroviruses Acquired immune deficiency syndrome; lymphoma

    Y. Taha and J. F. Peutherer

    56 Caliciviruses and astroviruses Diarrhoeal disease

    W. D. Cubitt

    57 Coronaviruses Upper respiratory tract disease

    J. Pieris

    58 Rhabdoviruses Rabies

    T. Fooks, D. Healy and A. Banyard

    59 Transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (prion diseases) 

    J. W. Ironside

    PART 5


    60 Fungi Superficial, subcutaneous and systemic mycoses

    D. W. Warnock

    61 Protozoa Malaria; toxoplasmosis; cryptosporidiosis; amoebiasis; trypanosomiasis; leishmaniasis; giardiasis; trichomoniasis

    D. Greenwood

    62 Helminths Intestinal worm infections; filariasis; schistosomiasis; hydatid disease

    D. Greenwood

    63 Arthropods Arthropod-borne diseases; ectoparasitic infections; allergy

    D. Greenwood

    PART 6


    64 Infective syndromes 

    R. C. B. Slack

    65 Diagnostic procedures

    R. C. B. Slack

    66 Strategy of antimicrobial chemotherapy 

    R. C. B. Slack

    67 Epidemiology and control of community infections 

    D. Reid and D. Goldberg

    68 Hospital infection 

    R. C. B. Slack

    69 Immunization 

    R. C. B. Slack



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