Medical Immunology Made Memorable book cover

Medical Immunology Made Memorable

This book covers the core of both basic science and clinical immunology as required by medical students. Immunology is an inherently difficult subject and most competing titles include far too much complex scientific detail for most medical courses. This book covers just the core of the subject essential for understanding the clinical importance of the immune system and diseases caused by its malfunction.

Paperback, 120 Pages

Published: August 2000

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-06429-6


  • Basic Immunology
    Introduction and Natural Immunity
    Defence Mechanisms (1)
    Defence Mechanisms (2)
    The Acute-phase Response/Interferon
    Mast Cells and Inflammation/Natural Killer Cells
    Tutorial 1
    Adaptive Immunity - Lymphocytes
    The Lymphocyte and Lymphoid Tissue
    B and T Lymphocytes
    The Mucosal Immune System
    Recognition Molecules
    Self versus Non-Self Discrimination
    Tutorial 2
    Adaptive Immunity - The Immune Response
    Lymphocyte Activation and Clonal Selection
    Adaptive Responses ñ Antibody
    Adaptive Responses ñ T Cells and Cell-mediated Immunity
    Disposal Mechanisms ñ Cytotoxicity
    Immunity to Infection ñ Host Defence Mechanisms
    Immunity to Infection ñ Parasite Escape Mechanisms
    Tutorial 3
    Acute and Chronic Inflammation
    Infectious Disease
    Transplant Rejection
    Tutorial 4
    Clinical Immunology
    Immunology in Medicine
    Respiratory Disease
    The Gut and Liver
    Endocrine Disease
    Renal Disease
    The Eye and Nervous System
    Skin Disease
    Connective Tissue Diseases (1)
    Connective Tissue Diseases (2)
    Blood Diseases
    Infectious Diseases
    Acquired immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
    Clinical Aspects of HLA
    Malignant Disease
    Drugs and the Immune System
    Tutorial 5
    Investigating the Immune System
    Immunodeficiency/Tumours of the Immune System
    Allergy and Autoimmunity/The Transplant Patient

    The Language of Immunology
    Some Useful Abbreviations
    Cluster of Differentiation (CD) Antigens
    Changes in Circulating Lymphocytes Populations and Serum
    Immunoglobulin Levels with Age



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