Medical Imaging: Techniques, Reflection & Evaluation book cover

Medical Imaging: Techniques, Reflection & Evaluation

Medical Imaging has been revised and updated to reflect the current role and responsibilities of the radiographer, a role that continues to extend as the 21st century progresses. This comprehensive book covers the full range of medical imaging methods/techniques which all students and professionals must understand, and discusses them related to imaging principles, radiation dose, patient condition, body area and pathologies.

There is comprehensive, up-to-date, referencing for all chapters, with full image evaluation criteria and a systematic approach to fault recognition for all radiographic projections. Highly respected editors, Elizabeth and Barry Carver, have brought together an impressive team of contributing authors, comprising academic, radiographer and radiologist clinical experts.


Full colour, including approximately 200 new colour photographs

All techniques have been updated to reflect the use of digital image receptors

All chapters have been updated to reflect current practice, eg CT colonoscopy is now included as part of GI imaging; the nuclear medicine chapter now introduces hybrid imaging; the genitourinary chapter now reflects the use of ultrasound and CT


'The authors have been comprehensive, thorough and innovative. This well-presented book should be adopted by Schools of Diagnostic Imaging in Europe and elsewhere and be a constant companion to the reflective radiographic practitioner.' From the foreword to the first edition by Patrick Brennan.


Published: July 2012

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7020-5201-9


  • Section 1 Imaging principles

    1. Digital imaging

    2. Film-screen imaging

    3. Exposure factors, manipulation and dose

    Section 2 Skeletal radiography

    4. Introduction to skeletal, chest and abdominal radiography

    5. Fingers, hand and wrist

    6. Forearm, elbow and humerus

    7. The shoulder girdle

    8. Foot, toes, ankle, tibia and fibula

    9. Knee and femur

    10. Pelvis and hips

    11. Cervical spine

    12. Thoracic spine

    13. Lumbar spine

    14. Sacrum and coccyx

    15. Thoracic skeleton

    16. Principles of radiography of the head

    17. Cranial vault

    18. Facial bones

    19. Paranasal sinuses

    20. Specialised projections of the skull

    21. Dental radiography

    22. Orthopantomography and cephalometry

    Section 3 Chest and abdomen

    23. Chest and thoracic contents

    24. Abdomen

    Section 4 Accident and emergency

    25. Accident and emergency

    Section 5 Breast imaging

    26. Breast imaging

    Section 6 Paediatric imaging

    27. Paediatric imaging in general radiography

    Section 7 Contrast studies

    28. Contrast media

    29. Gastrointestinal tract

    30. Accessory organs of the gastrointestinal tract

    31. Investigations of the genitourinary tract

    32. Cardiovascular system

    33. Vascular imaging of the head and neck

    34. Intervention and therapeutic procedures

    Section 8 Additional imaging methods

    35. Computed tomography

    36. Magnetic Resonance Imaging

    37. Nuclear Medicine Imaging

    38. Ultrasound

    Glossary of radiographic terms



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