Medical Cell Biology

Edited by

  • Steven Goodman, MD, Director, Physical Medicine, St Luke's Rehabilitation Institute, Spokane, WA, USA

This Third Edition of Medical Cell Biology focuses on the scientific aspects of cell biology important to medical students, dental students, veterinary students, and prehealth undergraduates. Maintaining a primary focus on eukaryotic cell biology, the text explains general cell biology principles in the context of organ systems and human and animal disease.
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Students preparing for a career in medicine or other health sciences. Those preparing for the Medical Board Exams.


Book information

  • Published: November 2007
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-370458-0


“The Third Edition of Medical Cell Biology by Steven Goodman is a highly-readable cell biology textbook designed specifically for medical students. The use of clinical cases builds a framework for the basic concepts and helps reinforce understanding. Every medical student should arm him or herself with this book as preparation for the board exam.” --John Clancy, Jr., PhD, Professor and Chair, Department of Cell Biology, Neurobiology, and Anatomy, Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois; President of the Association of Anatomy, Cell Biology, and Neurobiology Chairs “An extremely valuable book for undergraduate, graduate and health professional students that is essential to learning contemporary cell biology, both from the historical standpoint, and from the current literature.” -- Ian S. Zagon, PhD, Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine, Hershey, Pennsylvania

Table of Contents

Cell Membranes.Cytoskeleton.Organelle Structure and Function.Regulation of Gene Expression.Intercellular Signaling.Cell Signaling Events.The Cell Cycle and Cancer.Programmed Cell Death.