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Medical and Veterinary Entomology

Medical and Veterinary Entomology is a comprehensive text and is primarily intended for graduate students and upper level undergraduates studying the medical and veterinary significance of insects and related arthropods. The book will also appeal to a larger audience, specialists and non-specialists alike, including entomologists, parasitologists, biologists, epidemiologists, physicians, public health personnel, veterinarians, wildlife specialists and others looking for a readable, authoritative book on this topic. The first two chapters provide overviews of medical-veterinary entomology and epidemiology, respectively. These are followed by individual chapters devoted to each group of insects or arachnids of medical-veterinary importance and the health problems they can cause including their role as vectors of pathogens. Each of these chapters provides an overview of the taxonomy, biology and ecology of the group, and is followed by separate sections on their medical and veterinary importance, then by a section on prevention and control and, finally, by a list of references and further reading.

Students of insect vector borne diseases of humans and other animals. Teaching and research faculty in medical and veterinary schools that provide a course in vector borne diseases. Parasitologists, entomologists, government scientists responsible for oversight and monitoring of insect vector borne diseases. Medical and veterinary school libraries and libraries at institutions with strong programs in entomology.


Published: September 2002

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-510451-7


  • "Designed to be comprehensive, the 597-page book covers 22 groups of insects and arachnids that can adversely affect the heath of humans and animals." -VETERINARY PRACTICE NEWS (JUNE 2004) "Highly recommended as a reference volume for public, college and university libraries or anyone seeking a detailed and thorough treatment of the subject. General readers; lower division undergraduates through professionals." —R.E. Lee Jr., Miami University for CHOICE (February 2003) "This volume should command a place in all libraries and on bookshelves of all those who are seriously interested in entomology and eco-parasitology, whether they be clinicians, academics or students." -VETERINARY PARASITOLOGY (May 2003) " without a doubt the finest book available in English on the subject today." -FLORIDA SCIENTIST (2003) "The editiors and authors have crafted an outstanding, readable volume... Both students and professionals will find the wealth of information will serve as sound foundation for many years... As a text, this book will have a long uesful life." —Frank E. French, Georgia Southern University (June 2002) "... the text was excellent. Unlike many other edited texts, this one adhered to a similar ground plan for all chapters and thus presented an even flow from one chapter to the next. The editors asked the best people in each of the specific areas to write chapters, and this choice of authorship was reflected in the quality of the contributions." —Marc J. Klowden, University of Idaho, College of Agriculture (February 2002) "Let me start by saying this is an excellent book, probably the best text to comprehensively cover both medical and veterinary entomology." —Mike Service for ANNALS OF TROPICAL MEDICINE AND PARASITOLOGY (2002)


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