Mechatronics and Manufacturing Engineering book cover

Mechatronics and Manufacturing Engineering

Research and Development

This book, the first in the Woodhead Publishing Reviews: Mechanical Engineering Series, is a collection of high quality articles (full research articles, review articles and cases studies) with a special emphasis on research and development in mechatronics and manufacturing engineering. Mechatronics is the blending of mechanical, electronic, and computer engineering into an integrated design. Today, mechatronics has a significant and increasing impact on engineering with emphasis on the design, development and operation of manufacturing engineering systems. The main objective of this interdisciplinary engineering field is the study of automata from an engineering perspective, thinking on the design of products and manufacturing processes and systems. Mechatronics and manufacturing systems are well established and executed within a great number of industries including aircraft, automotive and aerospace industries; machine tools, moulds and dies product manufacturing, computers, electronics, semiconductor and communications, and biomedical.

Hardbound, 388 Pages

Published: January 2012

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-85709-150-5


  • Implementation of light-scattering instrumentation: Innovation, design and development; Planar micromanipulation on microconveyor platforms: Recent developments; Single-axis arm designed with an ultrasonic motor: Basic active/passive joint torque control; Signal processing for tool condition monitoring: From wavelet analysis to sparse decomposition; ANN modelling of fractal dimension in machining; Predicting forces and damage in drilling of polymer composites: Soft computing techniques; Minimising burr size in drilling: Integrating response surface methodology with particle swarm optimisation; Single point incremental forming of polymers.


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