Mechanisms of Regeneration book cover

Mechanisms of Regeneration

This new volume of Current Topics in Developmental Biology covers the area of mechanisms in regeneration. With an international board of authors, it provides a comprehensive set of reviews covering such topics as control of growth during regeneration, skeletal muscle degeneration and regeneration in mammals and flies, and suppression of regeneration in mammals.

Researchers in cell, developmental, and molecular biology; genetics

Hardbound, 368 Pages

Published: February 2014

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-391498-9


  • 1. Mechanisms of Systemic Wound Response in Drosophila
    Won-Jae Lee and Masayuki Miura
    2. Dying to Go Through Again: Apoptosis and Regeneration
    Brigitte Galliot
    3. Control of Growth During Regeneration
    Gongping Sun and Kenneth D. Irvine
    4. Genomic Output Plasticity and Regeneration
    Alejandro Sanchez Alvardo
    5. Re-Engineering Development to Instruct Tissue Regeneration
    Tonnarelli B, Centola M, Barbero A, Zeller R, and Martin Ivan
    6. Post-Embryonic Organogenesis of the Digestive Tube: Why does it Occur in Worms and Sea Cucumbers but Fails in Humans?
    Vladimir S. Mashanov, Olga Zueva, and José E. García-Arrarás
    7. Skeletal Muscle Degeneration and Regeneration in Mice and Flies
    Mamta Rai, Upendra Nongthomba, and Miranda D. Grounds
    8. Aging and Regeneration in Vertebrates
    Konstantinos Sousounis, Joelle A. Baddour, and Panagiotis A. Tsonis
    9. Genetic and Epigenetic Controls of Plant Regeneration
    Lin Xu and Hai Huang
    10. The Hormonal Control of Regeneration in Plants
    Ying Hua Su and Xian Sheng Zhang
    11. Mathematical Modeling of Regenerative Processes
    Osvaldo Chara, Elly M. Tanaka, and Lutz Brusch


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