Volume 1


  • L D Landau, Institute of Physical Problems, U.S.S.R. Academy of Sciences
  • E.M. Lifshitz

Devoted to the foundation of mechanics, namely classical Newtonian mechanics, the subject is based mainly on Galileo's principle of relativity and Hamilton's principle of least action. The exposition is simple and leads to the most complete direct means of solving problems in mechanics.The final sections on adiabatic invariants have been revised and augmented. In addition a short biography of L D Landau has been inserted.
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For final year undergraduates, postgraduates, and research workers in theoretical physics and physics.


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  • Published: January 1976
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-2896-9


"The Landau and Lifshitz series is almost uniformly excellent... the level is appropriate in advanced undergraduate or beginning graduate students" Philip B Burt Clemson University USA "An outstanding book for advanced students" John H Lienhard MIT University USA

Table of Contents

The equations of motion; Conservation laws; Integration of equations of motions; Collisions between particles; Small oscillations; Motion of a rigid body; Canonical equations.