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Mechanics of Materials and Structures

A wide range of topics in the area of mechanics of materials and structures are covered in this volume, ranging from analysis to design. There is no special emphasis on a specific area of research. The first section of the book deals with topics on the mechanics and damage of concrete. It also includes two papers on granular packing structure changes and cumulative damage in polymers. In the second part more theoretical topics in mechanics are discussed, such as shell theory and nonlinear elasticity. The following section dicusses areas dealing primarily with plasticity, viscoelasticity, and viscoplasticity. These include such topics as dynamic and cyclic plasticity. In the final section the subject is structural dynamics, including seismic analysis, composite frames and nonlinear analysis of bridges. The volume is compiled in honor of Professor Maciej P. Bieniek who has served as a teacher and researcher at several universities, and who has made many significant contributions in the evaluation, rehabilitation, and design of infrastructures.


Published: January 1994

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-89918-7


  • Foreword. Maciej P. Bieniek - A Biographical Sketch (F.L. DiMaggio). Mechanics of Materials and Structures I. A rate-dependent three invariant softening model for concrete (J.C. Mould, Jr., H.S. Levine). Damage mechanics of concrete under cyclic load (T. Paskova, C. Meyer). An anisotropic damage-plastic model for concrete (S. Xiong). Laser ultrasonics of concrete (L.J. Jacobs, R.W. Whitcomb). Investigating cumulative damage in a highly filled polymeric composite material (C.T. Liu, B. Tang). An experimental study of granular packing sructure changes under load (X. Lee). Mechanics of Materials and Structures II. Finite elements via the Hu-Washizu theorem - convergence and error (C.D. Pionke, G. Wempner). Dynamic inelastic shell analysis (K.-K. Chan, K.G. Stultz Jr., R.S. Atkatsh). Nonlinear analysis using perturbation methods and classical elasticity (W.R. Spillers). Decohesion at a circular interface (A.J. Levy). Constitutive relations of nonlinear elastic continua (B.G. Barsoum). Mechanics of Materials and Structures III. Non-uniqueness in dynamic rate-independent non-associated plasticity (I.S. Sandler, T.A. Pucik). A statistical interpretation of the stress work-conjugate to Lagrangian-based Almansi strain (K.S. Havner). Cyclic plasticity and ratchetting (G.Z. Voyiadjis, S.M. Sivakumar). A simple non-isothermal constitutive model for finite deformation rubber viscoelasticity (K.N. Morman, Jr.). Finite strain thermo-viscoplasticity (M.S. Benowitz). Mechanics of Materials and Structures IV. Dynamic experimental data based models for analysis and design of precast concrete tilt-up walls (S.A. Adham). An alternative formulation of the substructure deletion method for the seismic analysis of embedded foundations (R. Betti). A hybrid force method/stiffness matrix method for the analysis of thin-walled composite frames (L.C. Bank, E. Cofie). Star 37S solid rocket nozzle thermostructural analysis (W.H. Goodman et al.). A computer model for nonlinear analysis of bridge structures (A. Karakaplan, R. Petricone, T. Barnard). Author index.


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