Mechanics of Hydraulic Fracturing book cover

Mechanics of Hydraulic Fracturing

This book examines the underlying mechanics of creating a fracture from vertical or deviated wellbores and the propagation of a hydraulic fracture in the reservoir.

Hardbound, 182 Pages

Published: March 1997

Imprint: Gulf Professional Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-88415-474-7


  • ...succeeds to combine, in a brief manner, most of the available information on the subject....a valuable reference for graduate students and research engineers. (Applied Mechanics Review)


  • Featuring a wellbore and 2D fracture models. Three dimensional fracture model. Proppant transport in a 3D fracture. Deviated wellbores. Link-up of mini-fractures from perforated holes. Turning of fracture from a deviated wellbore. Experimental studies. Index.


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