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Mechanical Ventilation

With cutting-edge and clinically relevant information, MECHANICAL VENTILATION, 2nd Edition takes a practical, clinical approach to the principles and practice of mechanical ventilation. This informative resource explains mechanical ventilation decisions and procedures in real-world terms so information is easy to understand and apply. This thoroughly updated edition includes one new chapter, four completely updated chapters, and a wealth of new user-friendly features.

Paperback, 528 Pages

Published: January 2008

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4160-3141-3


  • Section I: Technical Aspects

    1. Classification of Mechanical Ventilators

    2. Modes of Ventilator Operation

    3. The Patient-Ventilator Interface: Ventilator Circuit, Airway Care, and Suctioning

    4. Humidification and Aerosol Therapy

    5. Ventilator Monitors and Displays

    Section II: Physiology

    6. Respiratory System Mechanics

    7. Alveolar-Capillary Gas Transport

    8. Patient-Ventilator Interactions

    9. Cardiopulmonary Interactions

    10. Ventilator Induced Lung Injury

    Section III: Adjunctive Therapy

    11. Nutrition

    12. Sedation, Analgesia, and Neuromuscular Blockade

    13. Patient Positioning

    14. Ventilator Associated Pneumonia

    Section IV: Clinical Applications

    15. Management of Parenchymal Lung Injury

    16. Management of Obstructive Airway Disease

    17. Unique Patient Populations NEW!

    18. Discontinuing Mechanical Support

    19. Prolonged Mechanical Ventilation

    20. Transport and Resuscitation

    21. Non-invasive Ventilation

    Section V: Special Techniques and Future Therapies

    22. Modifications on Conventional Ventilation Techniques

    23. High-Frequency Ventilation

    24. Extracorporeal Techniques for Cardiopulmonary Support

    25. Heliox and Inhaled Nitric Oxide


    Case Studies

    Assessment Question Answers



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