Mechanical Shoulder Disorders book cover

Mechanical Shoulder Disorders

Perspectives in Functional Anatomy with DVD

This new clinical reference provides a thorough discussion of the shoulder from the normal and abnormal perspective with an emphasis on the anatomical and mechanical foundations of shoulder disorders. Throughout the text, the authors show how an understanding of tissue injury, the healing process, and the role of the neuromuscular system of the trunk and shoulder complex are the keys to successful treatment. Readers will learn about the shoulder girdle complex within the context of its relationship to the surrounding body area, including the neck and arm as well as the trunk and lower extremities. An accompanying DVD with interactive motion menus includes 120 minutes of video that display clinical dissection of the shoulder.


Published: September 2003

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-0-7216-9272-2


  • 1. Principles of Mechanical Shoulder Disorders
    2. Neuroanatomical and Neuromechanical Aspects of the Shoulder
    3. Musculature of the Shoulder Complex
    4. Articulations of the Shoulder Girdle
    5. Functional Assessment of the Shoulder Girdle Complex
    6. Treatment of Mechanical Shoulder Disorders with Special Exercise Program Component


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