Measurement, Judgment, and Decision Making

Edited by

  • Michael Birnbaum, California State University, Fullerton, U.S.A.

Measurement, Judgment, and Decision Making provides an excellent introduction to measurement, which is one of the most basic issues of the science of psychology and the key to science. Written by leading researchers, the book covers measurement, psychophysical scaling, multidimensional scaling, stimulus categorization, and behavioral decision making. Each chapter provides a useful handbook summary and unlocks the door for a scholar who desires entry to that field.Any psychologist who manipulates an independent variable that affects a psychological construct or who uses a numerical dependent variable to measure a psychological construct will want to study this book.
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Researchers, students, and professionals in psychology and cognitive psychology.


Book information

  • Published: November 1997
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-099975-0

Table of Contents

M.H. Birnbaum, Preface.G. Iverson and R.D. Luce, The Representational Measurement Approach to Psychophysical and Judgmental Problems.L.E. Marks and D. Algom, Psychophysical Scaling.J.D. Carroll and P. Arabie, Multidimensional Scaling.F.G. Ashby and W.T. Maddox, Stimulus Categorization.J.W. Payne, J.R. Bettmann, and M.F. Luce, Behavioral Decision Research: An Overview.Index.