Mathematics for Physical Science and Engineering book cover

Mathematics for Physical Science and Engineering

Symbolic Computing Applications in Maple and Mathematica

 Mathematics for Physical Science and Engineering is a complete text in mathematics for physical science that includes the use of symbolic computation to illustrate the mathematical concepts and enable the solution of a broader range of practical problems. It enables professionals to connect their knowledge of mathematics to either or both of the symbolic languages Maple and Mathematica. Due to the increasing importance of symbolic computation, the book begins by introducing that topic, before delving into its core mathematical topics. Each of those subjects is described in principle, and then applied through symbolic computing.The aim of the text is designed to clarify and optimize the efficiency of the student's acquisition of mathematical understanding and skill and to provide students with a mathematical toolbox that will rapidly become of routine use in a scientific or engineering career.


Upper level undergrads in physical chemistry, physics, engineering, advanced/applied mathematics courses.

Hardbound, 944 Pages

Published: May 2014

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-801000-6


  • 1. Computers, Science, and Engineering
    2. Infinite Series
    3. Complex Numbers and Functions
    4. Vectors and Matrices
    5. Matrix Transformations
    6. Multidimensional Problems
    7. Vector Analysis
    8. Tensor Analysis
    9. Gamma Function
    10. Ordinary Differential Equations
    11. General Vector Spaces
    12. Fourier Series
    13. Integral Transforms
    14. Series Solutions: Important ODEs
    14. General Vector Spaces
    15. Partial Differential Equations
    16. Calculus of Variations
    17. Complex Variable Theory
    18. Probability and Statistics
    Appendix A Methods for Making Plots
    Appendix B Printing Tables of Function Values
    Appendix C Data Structures for Symbolic Computing
    Appendix D Symbolic Computing of Recurrences Formulas
    Appendix E Partial Fractions
    Appendix F Mathematical Induction
    Appendix G Constrained Extrema
    Appendix H Symbolic Computing for Vector Analysis
    Appendix I Maple Tensor Utilities
    Appendix J Wronskians in ODE Theory
    Appendix K Maple Code for Associated Legendre Functions and Spherical Harmonics


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