Mathematical Models of the Cell and Cell Associated Objects book cover

Mathematical Models of the Cell and Cell Associated Objects

This book gives the reader a survey of hundreds results in the field of the cell and cell associated objects modeling. Applications to modeling in the areas of AIDS, cancers and life longevity are investigated in this book.

Researchers and students, libraries of universities and scientific centres.

Hardbound, 354 Pages

Published: May 2006

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-52714-1


  • PrefaceList of abbreviationsList of notationsIntroduction: Evolutionary Systems and Development Modeling Part 1: SURVEY OF MM OF CAO Chapter 1: General Methods of Inlet and Analysis of MM Chapter 2: MM of Enzyme Reactions Chapter 3: MM of Kinetic Cellular TheoryChapter 4: Some Other MM Part 2: MM OF DEVELOPMENT Chapter 5: Base MM Chapter 6: Examples of CAO and Their MMChapter 7: MM of the Cell Chapter 8: MM of the Immune Network Chapter 9: MM of Some Other CAOPart 3: INTRODUCTION TO APPLICATIONS Chapter 10: AIDS Chapter 11: Cancers Chapter 12: On Life Longevity ProblemsChapter 13: On MM of a Disease Appendix: MATHEMATICS OF DEVELOPMENT Chapter 14: Investigation of Equations Chapter 15: Investigation of Optimization ProblemsChapter 16: Numerical Methods and Software SummaryBibliographyIndexAbout the Authors


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